Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Editing Secrets Poem

Once you've plotted out your book
Great big room of apricots,
Brick of cheese has gnarled look.
They think all will sleep on cot.

Editing Secrets

Once you've plotted out your book, developed the characters and written the last word of text, the real work begins. As busy editors are bombarded with hundreds or even thousands of submissions a year, it's more important than ever that authors apply their own editing skills to their manuscripts before putting them in the mail. Checking your basic grammar and spelling are of course important, but authors need to go beyond surface editing if their work has a chance of catching an editor's eye.

* Trim, tighten, hack away. First, second and even third drafts of manuscripts are almost always laden with extra words and scenes. Take a break from your book and then read it through with a fresh eye. Write down your theme in one sentence (what the book is about, such as working through shyness on the first day of school or showing how Thomas Edison's childhood experiences influenced his adult life). The plot (or progression of facts and events in nonfiction) is your vehicle for conveying the theme to the reader. Ask yourself if each character and scene advance the plot toward communicating this theme. And decide at the beginning that you will give up your precious words and finely-crafted scenes for the betterment of the book. Pithy dialogue may be fun to read, but if it pushes your story off track, it's just a literary dead end. Take the publishers' suggested word limits seriously: no, you don't really need 3000 words to tell your picture book story about Freddy the Frog's adventures in the Big Pond.

* The elements of speech. Well-crafted dialogue can be a writer's most important tool. Dialogue is not just there to break up the paragraphs or show that your characters know how to talk; ideally, it adds to character development, moves the plot along and replaces sections of narrative. Each character should sound like himself, with speech patterns and phrasing that are unique. This is especially true with talking animal books. I see many of these manuscripts where, if I took away the words that identify the speakers, each character would sound exactly the same. Don't have dialogue repeat the narrative and vice versa; "Did you hear that? Someone's at the door!" does not have to be preceded by "They heard a sound at the door".

* Show don't tell. How many times have you heard this? It's still true. Comb through your manuscript for sentences that tell the reader how a character felt (Sara was sad) and replace with sensory descriptions (Hot tears sprang to Sara's eyes and rolled down her cheeks.) Avoid telling the reader what to think about the story (Jason foolishly decided to trust Mike one more time.) Instead, present your character's actions and decisions to the reader, and let the reader draw his or her own conclusions (incidentally, this is how you "teach" without preaching).

* Wipe out passive writing. Search for verbs preceded by "would" (would go, would sleep, would eat) replace with the past tense (went, slept, ate). Also look for actions that seem to happen out of thin air. "The door was opened" is passive, because the sentence lacks a "doer". Remember, the reader needs to visualize what's happening in the story. "The wind blew the door open" is better, because the action can be attributed to something, and it puts the most important element (strong wind) at the beginning of the sentence. Simply rearranging the words ("The door blew open from the wind") puts emphasis on a door that won't stay closed, making that the subject of the sentence.

* Be precise. One of the best ways to make your writing come alive for the reader is to use exact nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. One well-chosen word is always better than three vague ones. Adjectives like big, little, cold, hot, beautiful, scary and silly; adverbs such as quickly, slowly, loudly, and softly; and general verbs like walk, went, stayed and ate don't draw a vivid picture for your reader. Of course, sometimes these words are appropriate, but try as a rule choosing words that describe specifically what you want to communicate. Words that sound and look interesting are also a plus. Tremendous, tiny, frigid, scorching, plodded, sauntered and gulped are more fun to read, and they each lend an emotional overtone to the sentence (if your character gulps his food, you don't have to tell the reader he's in a hurry).

And finally, make sure there's a logical cause and effect relationship between the scenes of your book. Each event should build upon the ones that came before. The plot should spring intrinsically from your characters; nonfiction should unfold because of the nature of your subject and your slant on the material. It's when everything comes seamlessly together that you have a winning book. Make it look easy, but don't skimp on all the hard work it takes to get there.

Laura Backes is the publisher of Children's Book Insider, the Newsletter for Children's Writers. For more information about writing children's books, including free articles, market tips, insider secrets and much more, visit Children's Book Insider's home on the web at http://write4kids.com.

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Website Design Concepts Serenade

So, what's in a website design anyway?
Leaving bar, blasted through a True Font,
Boodly saw a boodly coming through rye today
In whom I trust but something want...

Website Design Basic Concepts

So, what's in a website design anyway? And, how do you get a design that is appealing to the broad and varied tastes of all those Internet surfers out there?

This is critical. Your website design is the first impression you make on your customers and visitors. There are a few sites in my favorites and bookmarks that I consider poorly designed. I still have them, because they have information I want. Lucky for the site owner that their content was that good! But one day I will find another site with the same information and a better design. Then guess who will be in my favorites and who will be left out? Maybe your content is great too, but don't take chances on a poor design. Think how much more repeat traffic and referred traffic you will get if you have both great content and great design.

Design Taste Varies - OK, design is a matter of taste and target audience to some degree. What looks good to one visitor may not be so great to another. Here we have the old adage of "one man's trash is another man's treasure". But there are solid basics that go into good site design. Creating a distinctive visual style and applying it consistently is the best way to bind a series of subjects and web pages together.

Layouts - The layout of your site is an important design element. A webpage is a document, plain and simple. It is like formatting a letter, an outline, a report, or an advertisement. Establish a layout grid and a style for handling your text and graphics, then stick with it to build a consistent rhythm and unity across all the pages of your site. Make it easy to follow, pleasing to the eye. Learn to use tables and nested tables, lists, and even well designed frames for controlling layouts.

Color - Color has a lot to do with target audience as well. What appeals to a teenager may not work with a target audience of baby-boomers, and so forth. But anybody can appreciate color coordination. Color coordination can be learned. Yes, it's a lot easier if you have a natural "knack" for these things, but you can learn basic color coordination techniques that make the difference between "tacky, yuk!!!" and "soothing to the eye".

Safe Colors - Everyone does NOT have 16 million colors on their computer. Learn to use the websafe 216 colors. Notice that's 216 colors, not 256 colors. This is a matter of video card capability and you are at the mercy of the viewer's personal computer system. Your best bet is to stick to 6 x 6 x 6 bit color resolution (216 colors) to cover the majority of Internet users. The 216 color palette gives you plenty for design options. Sure, not as many as 256 colors or 16 million, but still plenty to accomplish what you want or need to do with color.

Page Load Time - Now I'll be the first person to admit that I have made *personal* web pages which have large graphics or music .wav files and other things that take awhile to load. The point here is, they are my personal websites, *not* my professional or commercial websites. I may use these long loading pages for demo-ing several techniques, or chatting with friends and other developers, but never never never for professional site design (unless my client insists, in which case I do not use their site as a demo to other potential clients!). This doesn't mean you have to give up everything on professional sites. It just means take it easy, use only one high-load-time element or two, learn to compress your graphics properly, and if you've got that much "stuff" then break it up into more than one page.

Don't Overdo IT - A typical mistake among developers is to overdo it when putting together a website. Try to use extras in moderation. Some common things that get overused are:
- graphics
- background images
- bevels and other graphic tricks
- excessive frames
- text scrolling, animated .gif's, page fade-ins

Too much of something just comes off as being "cutsie", tacky, or unoriginal...but used properly it can add just the right touch. Learn to use things that compliment your site's content, and not to overdo it with extra techniques and tricks.

Readability - Make your pages as easy to read as possible. Black text on a white or off-white background is the easiest to read. There are plenty of hard-to-read pages that use backgrounds the same shade as the text (dark text on a dark background and light on light), or what I call the "neon" look with bright color on bright color.

Learn to use the <font face="FirstFontChoice,SecondFontChoice,sans-serif"> tag and give your readers a font that's easy on the eye. I always think it's such a shame to see a site full of great content and then left in the default Times New Roman font. Use a sans-serif font - arial and verdana are good choices, then put "sans-serif" generic font in your last html tag attribute to cover anyone that may not have a specific font you listed as a first choice or second choice.

Browser and Monitor Compatibility - Learn to make your web pages compatible with both Microsoft Internet Explorer(IE) and Netscape Navigator. After preparing a site, test it in both browsers and ondifferent screen sizes or resolutions. Typical figures are 80% of Internet users are on the IE browser, 80% using 800 x 600 resolution, and most on a 15" or 17" screen....but, can you really afford for your site to look poor to 20% of the market? The answer is NO. Make your site compatible with both browsers and take that silly "best viewed with..." graphic off the site! Furthermore, use alt tags in your graphics for people who surf with images turned off, or on smaller browsers which don't support them.

Using Java - Personally, I like Java and use it in site design. However, you have to remember many people turn it off for one reason or another. Or they may be using a browser that doesn't support it.Therefore, if you use a java driven menu (quite popular nowadays), you better have some alternate navigation.

Kim Eyer, of EyerStation.com publishes the WebSiteOwner eZine for webmasters and small businesses: http://www.eyerstation.com/ebook2.html.

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Lifetime Vegas Opus

Most people envision Las Vegas as one big casino -
Sun sparkles, and sprinkles not the rain!
Back today and await tomorrow by slippery lino
Breaking mood wrist again...

Vegas and the Ride of a Lifetime

Most people envision Las Vegas as one big casino. Admittedly I was one of them, until I undertook the ride of a lifetime. Imagine soaring hundreds of feet above canyons of red and orange, walking over rocks that been sculpted by mother nature herself and floating down a river of dreams. These are the images that I will carry with me forever when I think of Las Vegas, Nevada.

After taking a break from about twelve hours of straight gambling, my father and I looked at each other and thought there must be more to Vegas than jangling slot machines and endless booze. So we asked our friendly concierge, at the Mandalay Bay Resort, for some suggestions and he arranged for the champagne lunch helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon.

Wonderful we thought, it looked good in the movies, might as well give it a shot. Neither of us was prepared for the adventure that we were about to take.

The helicopter company sent a limo to pick us up at the hotel. The ride lasted about five minutes then we were dropped off at the helicopter launch. Fellow passengers from all over the world chatted and waited for our journey to begin.

Moments later we took off for one of the waiting helicopters, with our pilot leading the way. Attractive and intelligent, in a boy next door kind of way, he quickly showed us how father and I ended up in a helicopter of our own because several of the other passengers decided to just fly over the canyon. The tour we chose actually had us landing on the bottom.

We soared for about a half an hour over a canvas which included every color imaginable painted by dessert, mountains and the Colorado river. Within thirty minutes of smooth flying we were over the canyon and able to see the landing pad, set in the middle of tumbleweed, mountains and cacti. As we disembarked the pilot helped us climb down the stone and dirt pathway to a little boat dock, where we met a family from Britain that would be our companions on our champagne lunch down the Colorado river.

The boat captain was a tiny oriental man with sparkling eyes and a rich sense of humor. He handed out our picnic baskets and regaled us with stories of how the Grand Canyon was created. He also had the sense to stop periodically and help us get the most amazing shots of the canyon. He seemed to know every rock and ridge and was able to point out eagles and faces carved into the rock by millions of years of erosion.

At the end of our Las Vegas helicopter tour we flew back to the original launch and took our limo back to the hotel, content, awestruck and absolutely certain that we would return to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and our Las Vegas helicopter tour.

Caterina Christakos is an international travel writer. For more free articles on Las Vegas go to http://www.lasvegashotelandcasinoreview.com.

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Site Promoting Verse

Often, website owners would like to promote
Thei staff not as clothes, but as its sleeves.
Not Shakespeare, yeats or Chaos thine quote -
It is interesting to see what a ripple heaves.

Ten Free Ways To Promote Your Website

Often, website owners would like to promote their new business but are strapped for cash. What a dilemma! How to market your product if the public doesn't know your website exist? The odds are you will lack the flow of traffic to survive in the vast ocean called the World Wide Web.

You are shaking your head in agreement. A fancy promoter service is out of the question. It will not fit in with your budget. A viable alternative does exist. FREE PROMOTION HANDLED BY YOU!

By using the following *proven methods* you can effectively promote your site and announce it to the Internet.

1. Search Engines: Thousands of search engines exist on the Internet. But, you should only be concerned with the top eight or ten. You should manually submit to the top eight: Alta Vista, Excite, Yahoo, Hotbot, Lycos, Northern Light, Infoseek, Webcrawler, and use one of the FREE automatic submission services like *SubmitPlus* to handle the smaller search engines.

2. Directories: List your site here too. Directories organize sites into categories. Good examples of Directories: Yahoo, Magellan.

3. Ezine Listings: If you have an e-zine to promote along with your site. Why not list it with one of the many e-zine services on the Internet. E-zine Library is a good one to start with.

4. Free Classifieds: You will have to submit to a ton of FREE classifieds to get any significant traffic. Why? You are competing with thousands of other Ads. Remember to work on your Ad copy and make it attention grabbing. Go to one of the popular search engines, type in Free Classifieds, and surf to the top 20 classified sites for beginners. Often, these sites will lead you to several other Free Classified Sites. In response you'll get a stack of e-mail thanking you for listing your site while barking their promo. Best to get one of those free email accounts. Hot mail is a good one. So is Yahoo mail.

5. FFA Pages. Free For All's are worth a try. Be prepared for a avalanche of e-mails from FFA web site owners. If your title is attention grabbing you will get a few clicks. Good Attention grabbing headlines, FREE, Limited Time, Limited Offer, Proven, Secrets, and many more if you brainstorm. Check out the sales literature delivered to you by regular mail. Check and see what headlines grab your attention. And why? Incorporate them into your Online Ads.

6. Signature File: A short message you include at the end of your e-mail messages. Suppose you publish a gift e-zine list. You might use this =sig= to promote your e-zine (for example):
Jane Smith webmaster@gifts.com
Subscribe to our FREE Weekly Gift Ezine, by emailing: gifts@gifts.com

7. Ad Swaps: Swap Ads with other e-zine owners if you are promoting an e-zine. Best to swap with a zine that has a larger subscribership. Go to one of the e-zine directories and search for zines with a similar theme. Send them a short, polite, e-mail asking if they would like to swap ads. You will certainly increase your traffic flow if you hook up with the right zine.

8. Write An Article: Write an article promoting your site or product. Write an article on a hot topic many people would like more information on and submit it to various e-zines. How do you find out what's hot? Visit a few of the message boards and see what questions are raised often.

9. Tell Friends And Family: If your friends, family, acquaintances, have an Internet Connection, e-mail them telling them about your new website, and ask them to visit often. Offer a FREE incentive if they tell a few friends to surf over. Perhaps, a FREE Ad in your e-zine.

10. Leave Business Cards or Flyers: Leave these promo pieces with small businesses in your community. All relevant contact information; email address, URL, telephone number, should be included. Offer a freebie to anyone who visits your site. A free e-book, report.
Still think you have to spend Big Bucks to promote your site? This short article has disclosed easy, simple, solutions, to promote your site for FREE, and increase the hits on your site. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and Promote.

BB Lee is Editor of SmallBizBits Newsletter. Join Our List Of Informed Subscribers Today! Receive Practical Advice And Homebiz Tips Monthly. Subscribe by emailing: Smallbiz-subscribe@topica.com AUTHOR TEXT.

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Divorce or Get Back Ode

Most people do not understand the nature of cheating
And everyone think this is all very flout
He thought that she was heating.
It has no taint, hence it a herring?... No, trout!

How to Handle a Cheating Partner

Most people do not understand the nature of cheating within a relationship. Let’s begin by taking a look at that before going any further. Even though it always seems and is horribly unfair to any victim of infidelity, there are always two sides to every story.

The person who cheats doesn’t easily fit into a single mold. There are those who will cheat once and never repeat the mistake. Some will continue the practice until they feel satiated. Others make a lifestyle out of being unfaithful. If you are considering how to handle a cheating partner, you must first decide how likely it is that they will repeat the same behavior over again.

The best-case scenario for any type of reconciliation between two people when one cheats are situations where the Cheater confesses. People who admit to cheating without having been caught or even suspected are unlikely to repeat their mistake. It might take a bit of prodding to discover the reason for their unfaithfulness, however, in most cases it’s because they were completely frustrated with their life.

Regardless of the cause, Frustration is a powerful emotion that can cause people to seek escape. Some will escape by abandoning a relationship or family, others will escape by cheating and many just become abusive because they do not know how to handle what they‘re feeling. These are all bad choices brought on by the sensation that they have become boxed in to a situation that constantly frustrates them. Although unfortunate, sometimes the act of cheating brought on by frustration is a catalyst for both parties to come together in a productive way that wasn‘t previously possible.

The worst-case scenario for reconciliation involves people who cheat for selfish reasons. Although they may justify their actions with psychobabble, habitual Cheaters will emotionally destroy many partners, break families apart and go through a large number of relationships before they stop or simply run out of steam. These are nightmare partners that everyone should take extra caution to avoid. Unfortunately, they also tend to be extremely effective at deception and appear very desirable. Not surprisingly, these people are the hardest for cheating victims to walk away from.

The foremost consideration anyone who has been burned by cheating has to think about is the desire of the person who betrayed them for reconciliation. You cannot go to them; they have to come to you. Once they do, you have to be sure it will not happen again. Unless you know your partner very well and can account for their actions, you will probably not be able to reassure yourself that it was a one-time event. If you can get past all that, move the spotlight on to yourself.

It is important to be sure, you can live with their betrayal of your relationship before you go further. No one expects you to forget, but you have to be willing to forgive. Otherwise, your relationship may turn into a vicious circle of mistrust, revenge and unspoken hate. If you say you will forgive, you have to mean it. Nevertheless, before you do, be sure that your partner understands the kind of damage they have or could have done.

It’s easy to believe that a Cheater cheats himself or herself more then anyone else in terms of losing the ability to enjoy a meaningful relationship. However, many Cheaters leave ruined lives in their wake. Whether it’s innocent children who end in a broken home or a former partner who is left emotionally destroyed, some one besides themselves often pays for what a Cheater does.

If you can move past forgiveness and making sure the Cheater understands how devastating their act was, it’s time for some serious work to begin on mending the relationship. It’s like going back to square one. You have to be sure the conditions that may have caused or allowed for the betrayal are eradicated from your relationship. For example, the person who your partner cheated with has to be out of the picture. No friendship, once in a while meet ups or anything.

Apart from staring at internet porn or getting the seven-year itch for greener grass in the neighbor’s yard, the root cause of the problem has to be discovered, discussed and dealt with. Things will never be the same between yourself and your partner again. You have to find common ground, strengthen the love that remains and support one another in every way possible.

A native New Yorker now living in Arizona, Bill Knell is a forty-something guy with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He's written hundreds of articles offer advice on a wide variety of subjects. A popular Speaker, Bill Knell presents seminars on a number of topics that entertain, train and teach. A popular radio and television show Guest, you've heard Bill on thousands of top-rated shows in all formats and seen him on local, national and international television programs, http://www.billknell.com.

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Martial Training Opus

Let’s talk a little bit about proprioception for a minute.
It was left thinking, if only mailer handled mime.
All going to hell wearing angel suite,
Are salt nectar sublime?..

Proprioceptive Training: A key to sports success

Let’s talk a little bit about proprioception for a minute. That’s a $3 SAT word that means your body’s ability to react properly to external forces. For example: if you ride bulls for fun, you must have the ability to react to gravity and the changing forces of the bull to keep from being thrown off. That’s proprioception. But proprioception is also your ability to walk across a room without falling down.

One of the main components of proprioception is your kinesthetic sense. That is your ability to sense where your body is in space. But that’s only one component unless your sport happens to involve standing or lying in space.

You must also be able to sense and control your body’s movements. Think of a gymnast showing perfect control as she throws herself about the parallel bars. The key here is the appropriate control of tension by your central nervous system.

Balance is also a key element to proprioception. You will not perform your sport very well if you fall down all the time. Balance is also a key to generating power – as any martial artist will tell you. Balance in movement as occurs in walking or running, is a process of constantly and consciously losing your balance and regaining it quickly. The quicker you can regain your balance, the safer your movement.

Deliberate Proprioceptive training has normally been reserved for people who are in rehabilitation from injuries. Sports injuries in particular can leave decreased performance in the mechanoreceptors in the body. Exercises for balance and greater kinesthetic sense are usually prescribed.

The benefits of proprioceptive training to the healthy athlete are many. With increased balance athletes are less prone to injury. Athletes may also become quicker – in athletic terms this mean they can change direction faster. Proprioceptive training helps them make more precise movements with less effort. Think about the martial artist throwing that jumping spinning wazzu – butterfly kick – now that’s proprioception.

So, the benefits break down to safer, more efficient, quicker, and more precise movement. What athlete wouldn’t want that?

To be fair, any type of training you do is already working your proprioception – unless you are training for the sleep Olympics. Playing you sport itself is a functional integration of your proprioceptive skills. However, you may want to spend some time focusing on proprioceptive training – to increase proprioception, then integrate that into your sport.

Like any kind of training, proprioceptive training should be challenging. This forces an adaptive response on your body’s central nervous system. This is much like lifting weights where most of the strength gains come from the nervous system – and not from increasing muscle size. If all you ever do is lift light weights that aren’t challenging for you – you aren’t going to get much stronger.

So, I can hear you asking, “what exercises can I do for proprioceptive training?”

That’s a great question. Let me tell you that there is an astounding array of exercises designed to increase proprioception. You know those big rubber stability balls that every gym has these days? Those are great for proprioception. There are also wobble boards, Styrofoam doo-hickies, and all sorts of crazy wobbly things designed to challenge your balance and core strength.

Certain yoga exercises are also designed to challenge balance, as are some forms of kettlebell lifting. To get some sport-specific proprioceptive training I suggest you check with a qualified fitness instructor.

John D Moore is a personal protection, self defense, and fitness instructor. he is the co-founder of Martial Training Systems - see http://www.martialtrainingsystems.comand author of the book Quotations for Martial Artists.

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Increase Traffic Poem

An autoresponder course is a group of articles,
Email ceilings, email on the floors...
Arm yourself when the gods broke to particles.
Half of the morning past, time came to open doors.

20 Ways To Increase Your Traffic And Sales Using Free Follow-Up Autoresponder Courses

An autoresponder course is a group of articles or information set up to be sent out separately over a set period of time by e-mail. People just e-mail your autoresponder to receive the free course and it is sent out automatically over time. You can find free follow-up autoresponders to use by typing it into any search engine. Below are ten ways to use them to increase your traffic and sales.

1. Offer your course as a free bonus for purchasing one of your main products or services. People will buy your products quicker when you offer a bonus.

2. When you write and give away a free course you will become known as an expert. This'll gain people's trust and they will buy your main product quicker.

3. Allow others to add your free course to their own product packages. Their customers will see your ad when they purchase.

4. People love to get freebies. A free autoresponder course is perfect. They will visit your web site to get the free valuable information.

5. Allow people to receive your course for free, if they give you the e-mail addresses of 3 to 5 friends or associates that would be interested.

6. Allow other people to give away your free course. This will increase the number of people that will see your ad in the course.

7. You could trade advertising space in your course for other forms of advertising. It could be banner ads, e-zine ads, web site ads, etc.

8. Gain new leads by having people sign up and give you their contact info before they can receive your autoresponder course.

9. Give away the autoresponder course as a free gift to your current customers as a way of letting them know you appreciate their business.

10. Give away the course to people that join your affiliate program. This will increase the number of people that sign-up.

11. Make money selling advertising space in your course. You could charge for small classified ads or sponsor ads.

12. Get free advertising by submitting your course to freebie web sites. This will increase the number of people that will see your ads in the course.

13. Make money by selling the reprint rights to those people that would like to sell the course. You could make more money by selling the master rights.

14. Hold a contest on your web site so people could win your course. You will get free advertising when you submit your contest to free contest directories.

15. You'll gain valuable referrals from people telling others about your course. Word of mouth advertising can be very effective.

16. Make money cross promoting your course with other people's products or services. This technique will double your marketing effort.

17. Increase your e-zine subscribers by giving your course to people that subscribe to your e-zine. This'll give people an incentive to subscribe.

18. Allow your affiliates to use the free course as a promotional tool for your product. Each lesson could include their affiliate link.

19. Promote other businesses affiliate programs you join with your free autoresponder course. Include a different affiliate link on each lesson.

20. Advertise a different product or service on each lesson. If you only have one, use different emotional response ads on each lesson.

Over 40,000 Free eBooks & Web Books when you visit: http://www.ldpublishing.com.

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More Women Serenade

I want to share a story with you -
Beyond shady shadows there's little else to do
Things stuck together, their love was glue,
They crumble as trees, grieve WooDoo.

Use Your Environment To Meet More Women


Joseph Matthews here.I want to share a story with you all that I thought was interesting.

Friday night, I was out with a friend of mine clubbing. As we were walking from one club to another, we saw two women walking together in front of us.

These women were HOT!

So hot, in fact, that every guy they passed by on the sidewalk tried to talk to them. How did they try this? By saying things like:

"Hey, where you going?"

"Damn, you fine!"

"Hey, come back here, baby!"

Needless to say, these girls were completely ignoring each and every guy who talked to them.

It's a harsh reality that most girls who are as hot as these two were get approached by men ALL THE TIME, and have heard every stupid line in the book. In fact, they get approached so much, that they don't even respond anymore. They're just focused on getting to where they're going.

So of course, upon seeing this, I thought to myself "How would I approach these girls?"

The answer was pretty self-evident. In fact, it was staring me right in the face!

The situation was dictating what I should say to them.

"Oh my god! Every single guy is trying to pick you guys up! How annoying is that? You guys need to hire BODYGUARDS just to keep all these horny waldos at bay!"

This is an example of a SITUATIONAL OPENER.

Situational Openers can be the best way to meet a woman if they are done right. This is because this type of Opener is UNIQUE to the interaction you are having with the woman.

Not only that, but it shows you guys have a common understanding of the reality you are mutually experiencing. And that, my friends, creates a connection between the two of you.

It's like knowing the punchline to a joke most others have no clue about.

And more importantly, this is one of my most favorite kind of situational opener, namely, the "Crash and Burn" opener.

This is a situational opener where you capitalize on other men's failures, while conveying the illusion that you are different from the other guys and are not looking to get into the woman's pants (even though the truth may be VASTLY different from that which you are conveying).

For example, anytime you are in a situation where there are women you want to approach, and you see a guy go up to them and try to hit on them, this gives you the chance to use the "Crash and Burn" opener.

Simply walk up to the girl, and comment on what the other guy did wrong.

Saying things like:

"So, how'd he do?"


"Did it hurt? He was hitting on you pretty hard. Did it hurt?"

Or anything along those lines will open up your target for conversation. These types of "Crash and Burn" openers work great in high stimulus environments where girls are being hit on (like bars and clubs, for example).

So next time you see some poor schmoe strike out, be sure to take the opportunity to capitalize on it!

You can find out more about the "Crash and Burn" Opener, along with other Situational Openers in my ebook, "The Art of Approaching: How to meet ANY Woman, ANY Time, ANY Where you may be."

You can download your own copy of this ebook right now at and be reading it in seconds. Just go to the link below...

Joseph Matthews has just released his comprehensive guide on how to overcome fear of rejection and meet and date tons of beautiful women. You can check out his website here: http://www.artofapproaching.com.

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Instant Marketing Verse

Everything happens Quickly and Instantly on the Internet
While sketching the sky by pretty pink pastel...
Wildebeasts are especially rampant mood pet
Whoring for crack in black youth hostel.

Quick and Instant Marketing Soup

Everything happens Quickly and Instantly on the Internet. In the blink of an eye your easily transported around a whole planet. It's a smorgasbord !! The web site you just visited could be in Singapore, the e-mail your reading now could have come from Alaska. The Internet is just one big Soup Bowl of Information just waiting for you to come and gobble it up.

We live in a world of "Everything Quick". Quick Food, Quick Money, Quick credit, Quick Advertising, Quicker Cars and the faster we get Quicker, the better!!

Not only is it possible, but it's not that complicated to achieve. Most experts agree that advertising in ezines is THE quickest way to effectively generate more traffic to your website and increase your sales.

Ezine Classified Advertising is incredibly popular which means most ezines are being filled with classified ads. Some people use their lunch time to glance over their e-mails while chowing down. The average ezine reader sees hundreds of headlines and classifieds every day, taking a quick peek to if it might be worthwhile. So, How does your Classified Ad Look ?!

The 3 things

Every ad needs 3 basic things. A HEADLINE that stands out, Quick and easy to understand CONTENT, and an ADDRESS on how to get there.

Your HEADLINE should say everything in 5-7 words or less. It should for all intensive purposes "make the sale" Some ads look fantastic using all capital letters and then switching to lowercase for the content, but on the flip side, remember it can end up looking tacky as well.

Your CONTENT should always be very specific. It has to or it becomes cyber-trash very quickly. A favorite Internet saying i've heard is to " KISS IT " or, in it's original form, * Keep It Simple Stupid !! * Big words can be overwhelmingly impressive but i have found that shorter words easily read and just work better. ..... (ironic eh)

Part 1 The Headline is your menu

How do you make eye grabbing HEADLINE? I'll bet you didn't know it's always been right in front of you the whole time, and your going to wonder why you never thought of it. Ready??..... Your email box.. It's a treasure trove of headlines just waiting to be found. Now, i'm not saying that you steal someone else's headlines. That wouldn't be nice at all, now would it!!

That doesn't mean you can't get idea's from them though. Here's a simple way to find a few "catchy headlines" (You need to do this fast OK. Really Fast!!) Every time you open your email box, Quickly scan the contents. Which one do you remember the most?

It doesn't really matter which one it was, just be honest with yourself. Begin a list of catchy phrases and write it down somewhere. If you have more than one email box use it too. (Build's your list quicker)

The next step is the Fun Part. Sit down and start butchering these Headlines!! Go for it!! Grab a word here, a phrase there, change a couple words around in a sentence. Replace words that would better identify your opportunity or service your promoting.

Soon you will have a nice selection of Headlines you created yourself. No one has a monopoly on words, so i'm certain the Internet cops won't bother you for this apparent "theft" of words.....ya think??

Part 2 The Content is your appetizer

Most classified ads usually contain around 25-50 words each. You only have so much space, and you have to say everything in a little teeny tiny spot. I can't emphazise how very important it is that the content "grabs" the readers attention. This is the meat of the ad.

Create an irresistible offer. Tantalize your readers, entice them into wanting to take a bite. Make an offer that is so overwhelmingly attractive, that they would have to be insane to pass it up. Give them a tidbit by adding something free. Anything, just make it free.

What's that?

You say your not so good at writing classified ads like that? I'll wager a bet you are!

There is a way to write great ads quickly. Yup you guessed it!! Read a few of the emails and save the ones that caught your eye. Get out the knife and cut up those ads using the same technique you used for Headlines.

Once you have 6-8 contents ads written, simply get the Most Excellent Headlines YOU created and start slicing and dicing. Mix them up, change them around until your happy with them. You might end up with over 20 different ads to chose from... (bummer huh)

CHOP-CHOP time again!! You don't want those 20+ ads... do you? Some of these ads aren't quite as as good as the others. That's OK, it's time to trim the fat anyway. Select the 5 choicest ads and remove the remaining ones

Part 3 The Address is the dinner bell

E-mail address or Website address. The person reading your classified ad has 2 options. Read the next ad or click your link. They have either eaten enough of your ad, or their ready to gobble up the main course.

Your ADDRESS is a way to get more information about the opportunity you are promoting and is achieved by putting either your Web site ADDRESS to take the visitor there or an E-mail ADDRESS to contact you directly.

You can spice up your address by giving your webpages catchy names, but a draw back is the length it may create. problem is, People don't like 86 character website addresses. Their either too hard to remember, or mistakes are made when entering it into their browser. You just lost a prospective sale right there. (another bummer huh)

Another option is using a re-directed address. There are several companies that offer this service FREE, which allows you create nice short, easily remembered website addresses. Two places that give you 3 different addresses are rename.com and iBoost.com Thats 8 different addresses leading to the same page

***Caution; It's not wise to submit these redirect addresses to the search engines because, they don't like being tricked. Duplicate sites usually get "UN-indexed" .....rather quickly and forever too!

Dinner is served! Pass the Gravy!!?

You have a visitor!! Hopefully your ad was tasty enough to bring you the Gravy too!! You got them there so give them your main course. Make sure you get a counter or some kind of tracking system set up to follow your ads progress to see which ones worked the best......

A.L Haines is the editor for several leading Internet Marketing publications supporting free Internet marketing opportunities and resources. http://alhims.tripod.com.

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Roofing Ode

Choosing the right roofing material for your home
And you don't know if appreciate as I am.
While your beast chickens funny use comb
But do because they are not like them...

Roofing Secrets Revealed

Choosing the right roofing material for your home can be a mystery for many homeowners. With the number of options available, it has become increasingly difficult to choose.

Over the last few years, residential metal roofing has grown significantly in popularity as many homeowners have learned of its durability, while others have focused on the many styles and colors available. However, there is still a greater number who are trying to unravel the clues.

Tom Black, executive director of the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), answers the most common questions most homeowners have about metal roofing:

Why should a homeowner consider metal roofing?

Metal roofing has many advantages. For example, metal roofs have a lower life cycle cost than most traditional roofing material such as asphalt or cedar and it can withstand severe weather such as hail, snow, high winds as well as fire. It's also available in many styles and colors to fit virtually any home.

What is the overall cost of a metal roof?

Metal roofs can initially cost three to four times more than traditional roofing materials, but homeowners should keep in mind that the typical asphalt or cedar roof requires replacement every 15 years. While asphalt or cedar roofs are initially cheaper, when homeowners consider the cost of a metal roof spread out over a 60-year period, metal is the clear choice.

Do metal roofs come with warranties?

While most premium asphalt roofs will last from 12 to 20 years, metal can last more than 60. That's why you'll find most metal roofing with warranties of about 50 years -- nearly four times more than most other roofing products.

Aren't metal roofs noisy?

Not at all. Metal roofs with solid sheathing and insulation control noise from rain, hail and bad weather just as well as any other roofing material.

How does metal roofing stand up to extreme weather?

Metal roofing is the most durable roofing material available. Whether it's hail, snow, severe winds or even fire, metal roofing protects homeowners from whatever Mother Nature can throw their way. For example, in a hail storm, a metal roof's solid structure prevents dents, dings and other damage hail is known to cause. In fact, homeowners in some areas receive up to a 30 percent reduction in their homeowners insurance for having a metal roof installed.

Will metal roofing help combat the rising cost of energy?

One of the most beneficial aspects of metal roofing is its ability to insulate a home. Not only does metal roofing keep the house comfortable regardless of the weather outside, but it can actually lower air conditioning and heating bills.

Will metal roofing fit with the style of my house and neighborhood?

Definitely! Metal roofing comes in a variety of styles, colors and finishes and is made to look just like other popular types of roofing material including cedar shake, slate, asphalt shingles and clay tiles.

Where can homeowners go for more information on metal roofing?

Homeowners can go to www.metalroofing.com to learn more about metal roofing, view the various styles available and participate in the "Ask the Experts" section.

Courtesy ARA Content, http://www.aracontent.com.

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Hobbies Poem

With the advent of technology that makes
Them with the substance firmly in grasp
Lest all find themself at the bottom of the lake
And cast those victims to bite by wasp.

Loving Your Hobbies More

With the advent of technology that makes almost every chore less time consuming, more and more time may now be devoted to enjoying your hobbies. More people can now take on one or several recreational activities like photography, stamp collection, embroidery, handicrafts, etc.

To provide more resources in the growing interest in having fun with hobbies, the web world has yet gave birth to a website that deals with anything about hobbies: hobbiesataglance.com.

This everything about hobbies website has clickable sections regarding hobby supplies, hobby lobby, tower hobbies, collectibles and model trains. It is an online resource center promising hobbie enjoyment, satisfying your hobby needs and assistance in finding hobbies that suit you.

On its hobbies updates and information part, it presents tips on how to find a perfect hobby or hobbies. For those looking for supplies, retailers or suppliers of hobbies materials are also found in this section of the site. If one is looking to buy some hand-made crafts or planning to grow some dough, many for-sale crafts and income-producing hobbies also shared the limelight in this website’s hobbies updates and information segment. On one’s prime years, a wide selection of suitable hobbies for those who already retired is also availed in this portion. Links, directories and forums that discuss and lead to other several crafts or activities that can be done leisurely are also provided here.

This online hobbies spot also unveils a plethora of hobbies supplies resources. Most of the links found here lead to suppliers of excellent materials, indigenous and synthetic, that make the dream hobbies of a lot of people come true. Painting materials, flowers and plants resources, jewelry making supplies and picture framing materials are all available here. Other more unique hobbies like enjoying the nature through non-conventional methods are also supported in this section of the site through providing stuff like portable microscopes. For those more inclined to mechanical or technical hobbies, web pages and other sites on modeling supplies and aircraft materials can also be accessed on this portion of hobbiesataglance.com.

Hobby lobby is another clickable link of this website leads to innumerable stores and shops and their locations with hobbies how-to’s, supplies, workshops and seminars. Craft store catalogs, online coupons and aircraft models may also be seen on this page of updates regarding hobbies. Creative centers, hobby lobby founder, workers and investors are also given ample chance to shine on this fragment of the site. Hobby lobby stores in various States are here too for those looking for their hobby shop within their vicinity.

Those who are into tower hobbies are even given a special spot or link on this hobbies website. Building wireless towers that provide Internet access to a massive number of net users is one major feat. Links on other hobbies sites that deal with tower building, tower materials, and other tower crafts are also placed in this page of the site.

Collectibles like antiques, figurines, stamps, novelty items and other collection-worthy items may also be found here. Resources on where they can be found or bought are piled on this site. Model trains also found their way on one of the links of this all about hobbies web site.

So if you’re just one of those can’t-live-without-my-hobby kind of person, this website is made totally for you.

Ray La Foy, Hobbies are Fun. Learn more at http://www.hobbiesataglance.com.

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Crohn's Disease Treatment Serenade

Over time, if the disease is active
Defeating sound of screeching crows.
What it find that numbers are painless alternative -
Go ahead and do what the world says your flows.

Crohn's Disease

Crohn's disease is often confused with other inflammatory bowel disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis, thus making it difficult to diagnose. Crohn's disease can affect any part of the digestive tract, from the mouth to the anus. Crohn's disease is characterized by an inflammatory reaction throughout the entire thickness of the colon and bowel wall. This inflammation can penetrate deeply into the affected organ, causing pain and diarrhea.

Symptoms associated with Crohn's disease include abdominal pain, diarrhea, rectal bleeding (which may lead to anemia), weight loss, malabsorption syndrome and nutritional deficiencies. The onset of Crohn's disease is typically between the ages of fourteen and thirty. Cases of this disorder tend to be 2-4 times more common in Caucasian whites than non-Caucasian, and 4 times more common in Jews than non-Jews.

Crohn's disease is typically experienced as flair-up, with attacks occurring every few months to every few years. Over time, if the disease is active, bowel function can gradually deteriorate, with the risk of cancer increasing by 20 fold.

Scientists believe that chronic imbalances in the intestinal flora set off a chain of events that, in the end, damages the intestinal mucosa. This theory is strongly supported by the parallel in the number of cases of Crohn's and other inflammatory bowel disorders and use of antibiotics over the last 50 years. In turn, it has also been found that the incidence of Crohn's disease is higher in cultures consuming a "western diet", while it is virtually non-existent in cultures consuming a more primitive diet. Studies also reveal that patients with Crohn's disease were found to be individuals who habitually ate, prior to the onset of symptoms, more refined sugar, less raw fruits, vegetables and dietary fiber when compared to their healthy counterparts.

While the exact causes of Crohn's disease is still unclear, there is much that can be done to lessen symptoms and even put this disorder into remission. The goal for treatment of this disorder is to control inflammation, correct nutritional deficiencies and relieve symptoms such as pain, diarrhea and rectal bleeding.

Recommendations for Wellness

1) An elimination diet, such as Gottschall's Specific Carbohydrate Diet have been shown to reduce the symptoms experienced within 3 - 12 weeks.

2) Avoid sugar, both white sugars, and the sugars contained in white flower, white rice etc.

3) Keep a food/flair-up journal. Identify foods you are eating, or your emotional state just before and during a "flair-up". In time, you may find a pattern forming

4) To reduce intestinal inflammation and begin the healing process, try products such as UltraInflamx - by Metagenics, Robert's formula - by Phytophamric, or aloe vera juice.

5) Flax seed or fish oils (Omega 3 Oils) have been known to greatly reduce the inflammatory process. If you find you have a hard time digesting them, try freezing the gel caps before taking them.

6) Extra vitamins and minerals are important at this time, especially if you are not absorbing nutrients correctly. Incorporate a liquid meal replacement (one that is loaded with vitamins, minerals and protein, and low on sugar!) into your diet as well as taking a high quality vitamin and minerals supplement. Try to find one that is in a gel casing or capsule.

7) Find a good mineral supplement such as Alfalfa, barley greens, liquid chlorophyll or colloidal minerals. Many of these come in a powdered form that you can mix with water or juice.

8) Because of blood loss due to rectal bleeding, and the anemia associated with it, incorporation of additional iron is important. Look to find an herbal iron alternative, especially one that comes in liquid form for better/easier assimilation. If you decide to look to a single herb, Yellow Dock would be my choice. (Consult with your health care provider before introducing additional iron into your diet.)

9) Starting a program of re-inoculating the intestinal tract with Friendly Bacteria, namely lactoacidopholis can enhance recovery and restore bowel function to normal.

Dr. Rita Louise of Body, Mind & SoulHealer helps people rediscover their wholeness by working with individuals on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The author of the book entitled "The Power Within" and editor or the SoulHealer newsletter, Dr. Louise is a Naturopath, Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Vibrational Healer, teacher and Lecturer. She can be reached by calling (972) 475-3393 or you can visit her web page at http://www.soulhealer.com.

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Ringtones Opus

Ringtones are the sounds that mobile phone make,
And fat ugly mooses lay in the sand
To roll around in warm spicy cakes
If only they knew what happened to band...

All You Wanted To Know About Ringtones

Ringtones are the sounds that mobile phone make to signal incoming calls or text messages. The essential characteristics of ringtones is that it can be customized to suit the individual’s taste and that feature could be said to influence consumers so much in the choice of phones.

Ringtones are popular for several reasons:

They can be assigned to specific numbers so you know who is calling by the sound

They help individuals in crowded settings to know their phone is the one ringing

And for the youth, it is a way of carrying their popular songs with them wherever they go to.

There are three kinds of ringtones in operation now.

Monophonic ringtones are basic sequential notes that makes a single tone at a time. In effect they are not musical as one note success the other like a piano composition.

Polyphonic ringtones can play i6 notes at a time and therefore highly musical. It can produce harmonic sounds and they are a regular feature of modern phones.

Digital samples use mp3 and wav files as ringtones; making them the most sophiscated as it means computer generated sounds can be used as ringtones.

Technically, a ringtone is a program that activates the phone’s speakers anytime it picks text messages or incoming call signals.

Ringtones are based on a programming language called Ringing Tone Text Transfer Language (RTTTL) which was developed by Nokia .

Ringtones are available in various forms. They can be hard-coded onto your phone from the factory. In that case, you only have to scroll the phone menu and pick the one you would like to use as your tone.

You can also download ringtones from the web. In this case, you can use a data cable and transfer the files to your phone and then use as ringtones. Ringtones on the web can also be downloaded onto phones through WAP services or SMS transfer. You can alternatively use the key press sequence offered by various sites. With this method, you only follow the steps on the web page to accomplish the composition.

Lately, you can compose your own tones by pressing the various keys on your keypad to mimic various notes. Generally, the alpa keys on the phone correspond to the tonic solfa and with a little ingenuity you can compose some primary tones.

If mobile phones have increased in popularity, ringtones have played a big role. As more and more ways to generate tones evolve, so will be the demand for them.

Peter Lenkefi, For more more information about cell phone ringtones please visit http://www.samsung-mobile-phones.net.

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Domestic Violence Verse

Domestic violence the catch phrase for the past
War! How can we live becoming dry plastic kids!
Ashes bitter earth breath to the last
With metaphysical opening marital aids.

Commonsense Approach to Domestic Violence

Domestic violence the catch phrase for the past ten years. People use the words as if they represent an incurable disease rather than what it really is, deplorable human behaviors. It doesn't matter how many times Oprah, Sally, or Montel talk about domestic violence it is still happening to many of their audience members and viewers, why?

In this society we have a bad habit of excusing women of being responsible for themselves, thus leaving them as victims to the madness of their abusers. It's imperative women understand their bodies and minds are to be treated with respect and honor, and it is within their power to enforce treatment befitting a human being.

Enforce? Yes, if they're in an environment that is unhappy due to beatings and cruel criticisms it's their duty to move to safer ground, a place where negative words and actions are not levied against them. Women need to know, if a man or woman loves them enough to fill a mustard seed they would never give them a black eye,bruise ribs, shoot or cut them, nor would they ever open their mouths to utter degrading terms directed at them. Love should never humiliate or beat you silly.

For the past decade talk shows have filled the airways with sad stories of living with violently insane persons but they left out a significant part, the part of the woman. Men and women both sit on talk shows claiming they can't control their behavior, they blame their parents and babysitters for abusing them, they blame the parish priest for molesting them, they blame society for not removing them from an abusive household as children, they blame the gun manufacturer, they blame their loved ones for upsetting them and the list goes on. When will the blaming to justify their abuse stop?

It'll stop when women (and men) stop making excuses for why their "love ones" hit, kick, bite, and degrade them. It'll stop when women walk away the first time a man (or woman) assault them, instead of, enduring twenty years pretending he or she's going to magically change.

Recently I saw a talk show discussing domestic violence and I was deeply sadden by the guest speaker's summation of domestic violence. There was a theme emerging, the only person to blame is the perpetrator, after all they're mentally ill. Not once did she point out how victims aren't victims until they surrender their power, which gave the impression she was saying the victims aren't responsibility for themselves.

I'm not saying they (as in the victim) can control anyone but themselves, no I'm saying there's always something the "victim" can do to legitimately protect themselves from further harm. Are these options perfect? The answer is no, but, at least the "victim" would be attempting to do something rather than throwing their hands in the air and accepting the harsh treatment as facts of life.

After watching the show I soon discovered other women who were also put off by the so-called abuse expert's explanations and comments. Like me they were left with a sour taste in their mouth on how women are encouraged to remain passive and not pro-active to the first signs of abuse. There's power in saying and meaning, no I will not permit you to hit me ever, but somehow it seems these experts are trying to preserve victimhood.

Three women confided in me their reasons for being disappointed with the show's guest.

"I lived with abuse for fifteen years. Every weekend I wore a black eye. One day I woke up and thought to myself, I don't hit him so why should I let him hit me. That's when the light came on, I should be treated the way I treat him. I took responsibility for my allowing this man to hit me. I decided he wouldn't hit me anymore and got out. Who cares how mentally ill he is, I have to be sane for me and see where my power lies." VPalmer

"Expert huh? Women will always be victimized if they never see by not reacting with action, as in getting out, when abuse first starts they're enabling the abuser. Why is it so hard to just say that instead of all that beating around the bush." anonymous

"I'm disgusted. Women can count on future generations being abused because there's no encouragement for them to feel strong and in charge of themselves." Lee

It's time we, as human beings, take responsibility for our futures the way God intended and stop handing over our power to decide our own fates to uncaring and abusive people. REMEMBER this, someone giving you a black eye is not a sign they love you, it's a sign they have issues that has nothing to do with you and it's time for you to get away from them.

Regena English, the editor of The Leather Spinsters Newsletter and Leather Spinsters on the Web Ezine publications for happily unmarried careerwomen. She is also the author of a controversial ebook entitled Leather Spinsters and Their Degrees of Asexuality, http://www.leatherspinsters.com.

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Student Tests Ode

Many students claim to be just bad test takers,
Upon the baloon do mighty gnats abound.
Come to see Half-Life to show for the fakers,
Come and see Half-Life, you'll like our sound.

Common Sense Test Taking Tips for Students

Many students claim to be just bad test takers. No matter how much they study or how well they understand the information, when it comes to taking the test, they can’t perform. Well, rest-assure that the problem probably isn’t that the student is a “bad” test taker, but that they let stress get the better of them. In 9 out of 10 students, inability to perform on tests is caused by stress and tension. Luckily, there are some test taking tips that will help any student conquer test apprehension.

The first tip seems like common sense, but is oddly enough ignored by most students. Take care of yourself physically. You’ve grown-up hearing reasons why consuming fatty or “heavy” foods, as well as overeating, is bad for you. Well here’s why it’s really bad before you take a test. When you eat, in order to digest it, an increase of blood is redirected to the stomach. It is taken from other places in your body, like your brain. Proper blood circulation in the brain is what enables us to think quickly and be more alert. When you eat a large heavy breakfast or lunch before a test, you are telling a portion of your blood supply to leave your brain and go to your stomach.

Another often-neglected tip is getting adequate rest. Whether a student stays awake worrying about the test or talking on the phone to their latest crush, it puts them at an immediate disadvantage the next day. It has been said that “fatigue makes cowards of us all” (Vince Lombardi) And how true that is. When we’re tired, our whole body is tired, including our mind. We’ve all entered a test where you just stare blankly at an essay question you may or may not know the answer to for 10 minutes doing nothing because you just don’t have to energy to start writing. Being tired can prohibit a student from correctly reading directions or missing a trick question. Fatigue caused by a long night of cramming can also do more damage than good. Even if you’re lucky enough to remember the information the next day, you won’t the day after that. And it can even reduce the retention and confuse the information you learned while studying properly.

Once a student gets to the test, well rested with a light meal in their stomach, it’s still easy to get nervous. It’s important to remember to relax and give yourself positive affirmations. Reassure the mind that there is nothing else you can do. If you studied… good, and if you didn’t study there is nothing you can do about it at this point. If you’re well prepared give yourself positive affirmations that you know the material. When you come to the first question you don’t know, skip it. Laboring over a question you can’t answer or you can’t remember disengages you from the rest of the test and often causes panic. Always skip it and go back later. Moving on to questions you know will help calm nerves, build momentum and clarity, and build confidence. It is also fairly common for another question within the test to answer or give clues back to skipped questions. So when you read a question that might as well have been in a foreign language, don’t throw the test in the air and declare that you’ve failed. Just leave it blank and go on to the next question.

All the test taking tips in the world won’t help if the student doesn’t study. But the reward of seeing “A’s” and “B’s” on tests shouldn’t only go to students who are “good” at taking tests. It’s normal to get nervous, but as long as you’re prepared, rested, full on a healthy breakfast (but not too full) and confident, the stress will disappear with each answered question.

Roger Seip is a nationally known memory trainer. He has helped thousands of students across the country improve their memory as well as study habits. His new program, The Student’s Winning Edge - Memory Training, teaches students how to train their memory to study more effectively and get better grades. For more information on how your student can have a more powerful memory visit

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Small Business Tax Opus

If you have access to a personal computer,
And you got a nice flew with ear:
Save "as is" - it does in cosmic butter
In the sky in great leap-year.

Tax Information for Small Businesses

The IRS publishes a lot of tax information to help small business owners and there are many ways to get it. You can always visit an IRS office to pick up copies of IRS forms and publications, although the IRS continues to make it easier for you to get these materials without leaving your office or maybe even your home.

The IRS will send you forms and publications free of charge when you call them at 1-800-829-3676 with your request. Normally, you will receive the materials within 10 days, although there is another way to get tax materials right away.

If you have access to a personal computer, you can browse and download IRS forms and publications from the IRS Web site at www.irs.gov.You also can get interactive help with your taxes while you're on line. For the latest information on business-related tax topics, click on the "Tax Info for Business" section. You'll find links to other Internet sites that may be helpful for your type of business.

Tax Fax is another way to get business or individual tax forms and instructions instantly. Dial 1-703-368-9694 from a fax machine and follow the voice prompts to get an index of IRS tax forms faxed to you. From this index, key in the catalog number of the form you want faxed back to you.

Some IRS publications that small businesses may find helpful include IRS Publication 334, Tax Guide for Small Businesses, and Publication 910, Guide to Free Tax Services. Publication 910 provides a listing and brief description of 100 IRS tax publications, including publications targeted at specific audiences such as Publication 225, Farmer's Tax Guide, and Publication 595, Tax Highlights for Commercial Fishermen.

IRS Publication 1518, Year 2001 Tax Calendar for Small Businesses, is a wall calendar designed to remind businesses of key due dates for submission of tax forms and payments. It also provides information on general business taxes, electronic filing options, starting a small business, business expenses, record keeping, retirement planning, and business publications and forms.

Your tax questions often can be answered by reading tax publications and related forms, but if you need more information, you may call the IRS, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week until April 16 at 1-800-829-1040.

Courtesy ARA Content, http://www.aracontent.com.

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Green Fuel Poem

If You Drive - Consider A Greener Fuel As Smog Season Begins

As the first smog alert warnings of the season approach, Canadians are being urged to use ethanol-blended fuel to alleviate the urban smog problems plaguing many parts of the country. Many regions such Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and most parts of Ontario have experienced a significant increase in the number of "smog days" in recent years and the problem is getting worse according the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association. Mr. Bliss Baker, President of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA), suggests commuters and other motorists fill-up with ethanol-blended gasoline. "This is one way of addressing the issue of air pollution - since ethanol produces 30% less smog forming carbon monoxide than standard gasoline," said Mr. Baker.

The most commonly available ethanol-blended fuel is called E-10 - a mixture of 10% ethanol with 90% gasoline. This product, in addition to substantially reducing carbon monoxide, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 6 percent and all vehicles have warrantees for the use of E10. Using ethanol blends rather than standard gasoline also results in an overall decrease in ozone formation - the main culprit in the creation of smog.

"This is no longer an urban problem," said Mr. Baker. Many rural parts of the country are now experiencing poor air quality. The good news is there is something we can do about it," concluded Mr. Baker.

All ethanol sold in Canada is produced from agricultural products such as corn and wheat. The corn producing areas of southwestern Ontario such as the Counties of Essex and Chatham-Kent produce the majority of Ontario's ethanol while ethanol production in western Canada is produced from wheat grown throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

There are currently over 1,100 gas stations in Canada that sell ethanol- blended fuel, across the country from Alberta to Quebec. To find a station near you simply visit the Canadian Renewable Fuels website at www.greenfuels.org and search retail directory for a station near you.

News Canada provides a wide selection of current, ready-to-use copyright free news stories and ideas for Television, Print, Radio, and the Web.

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