Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Affiliate Earnings Poem

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways
That finally were able to get out of sack for
The Yellow as the sun and The Bright as the day:
They gave of the flower and said it was ours.

Affiliate Marketing - The Truth About Earnings

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of earning money on the Internet. It offers a lot of advantages over other methods of sales, including the fact that you don't actually have to stock any inventory to make sales. As an affiliate, you only need to advertise a product and direct the customer to the sales page for the product itself, which is usually run by the retailer or creator of that product. If the customer buys, you receive a portion of the sales price, even though you didn't actually engage in a transaction or hand over product. What could be easier than that?

While the concept may be easy, most people are lured into affiliate marketing because of promises of making lots of money, rather than making money easily. You don't have to search too long on the Internet to come across a page that tells you that you can earn thousands of dollars per day as an affiliate. While the mechanism is simple, it's actually the promise of a huge volume of cash that tends to attract people to this type of business. Many people are blinded by the big numbers, however, and fail to realize how unusual it is to make huge money as an affiliate right off the bat.

You can certainly earn money as an affiliate, but those who earn the six figure incomes often have something going for them that most people do not - a huge mailing list. Having a large group of customers at the ready when a new product comes along is a large part of making a lot of money in marketing. Those who have spent years developing a large mailing list with ten thousand, twenty thousand or one hundred thousand names can often make thousands of dollars just by sending out a single e-mail advertisement. Such success is possible, but it comes as the result of years of hard work. Advertisements along the lines of "I made $30,000 in a week advertising product X" may technically be true, but they often hide the unspoken "by sending e-mail to the 250,000 people on my list!"

Building a mailing list takes time. It isn't particularly hard, but it is a vital component of making money through affiliate marketing. With a large mailing list, you have a loyal, proven group of customers who are eager to buy from you. This is far better than randomly trying to get strangers to buy whatever it is you are promoting. Anyone who is interested in trying affiliate marketing needs to take the promises of huge, six figure incomes with a grain of salt and understand that such results are not typical. That doesn't mean you can't make money, it only means that you need to have realistic expectations of how much you can earn right away. As long as you understand that you can't get rich overnight, you will be OK.

Written by Charles Essmeier, owner of, a site devoted to affiliate marketing, and, a site that lists the Top Ten Affiliate Marketing Programs.

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Challenging Marketing Serenade

Marketing Maxims for Today’s Challenging Times

These are turbulent times for all businesses - necessitating streamlined marketing processes that are finely honed to mesh with today’s sputtering global economy.

1. Don’t stop advertising because the economy is sluggish - increase it, as many of your competitors are foolishly slowing down and you can grab market share! Look at what Dell has done to Gateway in the last eighteen months – Gateway has lost 10-20% of their market share and are pulling in their horns, while Dell’s slice of the pie has grown bigger.

2. Negotiate aggressively with media sources – its tough right now for online and offline publishers to generate advertising revenue and they are being forced to consider any and all deals. Note the number of “house ads” being run by major portals like Yahoo and, 20-30% of their banner ads or sponsorship buttons are promoting their own businesses.

3. It’s no secret that many ecommerce sites look like – it pays to mirror existing market leaders’ web site design. People always resist change and familiarity is one of key reasons why they shop on and offline in the same stores.

4. Niche marketing has almost become a homily – but it enables your company to leverage your marketing expenditures and R&D costs by concentrating on a narrow market segment. ToolLogic, Inc. ( is a wonderful example of a company that created/found a niche and then dominated it.

5. What’s unique about your company, services and/or products? When you understand this you’ve just created “brand uniqueness” – make sure you integrate these themes with all of your marketing; customers need to know what’s different about your company versus your competitors. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream ( did a wonderful job of developing brand uniqueness in a commodity market (ice cream) that enabled them to build a great company.

6. A key attribute for any successful marketing campaign is repetition – your company may not have the marketing resources of an Intel (their “Intel Inside” campaign far exceeded their marketing goals) but you do need to repeat your message and reinforce the branding and market awareness by touching your market segment via multiple reinforcing marketing processes; i.e. search engine ranking, print, opt-in e-mail, radio/TV, sponsorship buttons, newsletter inserts, etc.

7. Make it easy to do business with your company by offering pricing and terms of service that fit your client’s needs – Digit-Net technologies ( sells software and or ASP services to its customers by offering them terms of services that can be flexed to fit their needs, not the other way around.

8. Switching costs are high in this challenging market – companies and individuals don’t want to change their habits, as this can cost them more money. So, figure out how you can adapt your products and services to fit their needs to minimize their switching costs. Then, communicate this effectively via all of your marketing processes.

Author, Lee Traupel has 20 plus years of business development and marketing experience - he is the founder of Intelective Communications, Inc.,, a results-driven marketing services company providing proprietary services to clients encompassing startups to public companies.

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Affiliate Program Key Opus

The Key to a Successful Affiliate Program

Two Christmases ago I tugged on one of those paper crackers and after a small bang, out popped a piece of yellow paper the size of a credit card.

On one side was a riddle that didn't make much sense, but on the other side was an 'Inspirational Quote' that made a lot of sense.

So much so, that I still have it in my wallet.

This is what it said: "The shortest and best way to make your fortune is to let people see clearly that it is in their interests to promote yours".

I'm constantly amazed to see affiliate programs that offer 20%, or even as little as 15%, to their affiliates.

It is generally accepted that the production of any information product is only 10 percent of the whole process.

What's the other 90 per cent? Marketing!

My own affiliate program gives 50% commissions, and I wouldn't dream of offering less. After all, who makes the sale - me or the affiliate?

It may be disappointing to see 50% of your sale price going to your affiliates. But it's worth remembering this: without your affiliate, that sale simply wouldn't have occurred.

Of course, there are many other factors involved in building a successful affiliate program, but this is the first and most important: make your affiliates your equal partners, because they'll be doing 90% of the work.

Author, Michael Southon has been writing for the Internet for over 3 years. He has shown hundreds of webmasters how to use this simple technique to get massive free publicity and dramatically increase traffic and sales. Click here to find out more:

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Salesman Verse

If You Respect Them, They Will Buy - Closing the Sale

We've all had the unfortunate experience of being convinced by a pushy salesperson to buy something we weren't sure we wanted. You may have really wanted the product, but after being pushed into buying it, you don't want it anymore. You either return it or you never patronize the store again.

Since you resent the experience, don't recreate it for others when you are trying to sell. If you didn't appreciate being pressured and disrespected, no one else will either. When trying to close a sale, you must always respect the opinions and thoughts of the buyer. If all you care about is your payoff, then you will drive customers away. They will be afraid to buy from you, thinking that you will always try and convince them to buy things they don't want.

Here are some helpful tips to help you close a sale with class:

1. Be kind and considerate: Don't try to fool the customer. You will get a lot further if you're really trying to help them, instead of just helping yourself.

2. Give them a direct request: You can let them know what you want them to do. Don't be afraid to ask for the order or sale. The customer will know you are being honest if you tell them what you really want them to do.

3. Give them two choices: Explain that, on the one hand, if they buy the product, they will be receiving these benefits. Then explain that if they don't buy, they will be losing out in certain ways. People like to have the pros and cons laid out for them. It helps them make a decision the smart way.

4. Give them plenty of room to think: Don't pressure them. As I mentioned above, people resent purchases they were pressured into. Real persuasion doesn't involve pushiness. The choice belongs to your customers, so let them make it.

We learn at a very early age how to persuade people to do what we want them to. Some of us learn it better than others, but EVERYONE can LEARN to use simple persuasion techniques to make their life better. Often, earning more, finding the perfect mate, being pushed around less, and being happier in life don't have anything to do with you as a person. It has more to do with knowing a few simple rules of persuasion.

Author, Jian Wang is a master in the art of persuasion. His ebook, "Hypnotic Persuasion: How to Get Anything You Want," is a truly inspirational read, filled with the wisdom to help you gain control of your own mind and convince others without resistance. These techniques can be used to improve business, sales, relationships, and your overall well-being. For more information visit

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Web Marketing Success Ode

5 Reasons Why Headlines Are Crucial To Your Website’s Success

Without a powerful headline, your message stands little chance of being noticed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. If your headline doesn’t capture attention and pull prospects into your sales copy, than your marketing effort is a total waste of energy and resources.

Nothing is more important to getting your message noticed than your headlines. If you’re not allocating a sizable percentage of your time and creative effort to the headline used on each page of your website, you could be losing out on a large chunk of business.

Top copywriters understand this concept well. They know how essential it is to capture attention by literally stopping pre-occupied prospects in their tracks.

Here are five good reasons why your site headlines deserve greater emphasis and attention:

1) Headlines Are Natural Attention Getters. The majority of online prospects are quick scanners. No one reads the body copy of a page without first reading and being pulled in by the headline. Headlines are the first thing your visitors see. They jump out visually and command attention. Headlines are leads set distinctly above the rest of the text. Often the typeface, size, and style used for headlines contrasts with that uses in the body copy. It’s a proven approach that naturally attracts eyeballs, virtually forcing interested prospects to grasp the message of the headline and to read on.

According to advertising legend David Ogilvy, 5 times more people read headlines than body copy. Although Ogilvy was talking about print advertising in general, the observation is certainly applicable to websites as well.

With 5 times the readership, headlines have the power and capability to make any message many times more successful.

2) Site Headlines Serve As Valuable Guides To The Busy Surfer. Headlines reveal key details. They tip off readers as to what follows. They provide clear signals to help readers decide whether they should stick around for the full message, or dash off to something else – something better suited to their own special needs and interests.

As a quick summary of the entire piece, headlines either attract continued interest and readership, or they repel it. Without a headline, the reader is forced to wade through a portion of the text to understand the meaning. Forcing readers to do this is to risk losing them altogether. It’s sales suicide. In effect, having no headline will cost you at least 80% of your potential audience.

3) Headlines Prepare The Reader For What Is To Come. Headlines stimulate interest. They captivate, arouse curiosity and stimulate the desire for more. It’s the headline that starts the reader’s motor running. A good headline sets up a feeling of expectation as the reader anticipates discovering more -- and can’t wait to get it!

Successful headlines address specific audiences. They open prospects minds to new possibilities and expand their level of enthusiasm and interest. The best headlines involve prospects, virtually guaranteeing their sustained attention for the time being.

4) Headlines Simplify The Learning Curve. Every headline serves to introduce whatever follows. As an opening or lead-in, the role of the headline is to succinctly communicate the essence of the message it precedes in a n interesting and compelling way.

Effective headlines and sub-headings reveal key bits of information -- often with the added power of emotion. A review of the various headings alone can often provide one with the gist of a given message. This makes it faster and easier to understand, remember, and review.

Use your headings to generate emotional involvement and you increase the chances prospects will go back and read more of your copy. When you make it easier to read and comprehend your messages, you increase the chances of making the sale.

5) Headlines Allow You To Deliver Your Biggest Bang Right Up-Front. Capture attention and interest at the outset, by using your most appealing selling point. If your strongest, most desirable product attribute (benefit) fails to pull prospects in, surely nothing else you could ever say would do the trick, either.

The stronger and more compelling your headline, the more readers are likely to read on and spend more time at your website. Create every headline to grab attention and inspire interest. The more alluring and irresistible you can make it, the more genuine prospects you’ll attract and ultimately, the more sales you’ll record. Headlines are powerful marketing tools when used effectively. Take a good look at your site headline. Could you add more intrigue, curiosity, or interest?

Test different headlines by trying various appeals and offer combinations. Keep an eye out for additional headline opportunities throughout your sales letters, as well as on other pages on your site. Make your headlines impossible to miss and difficult to ignore... then, watch your results soar!

Robert Boduch, author of Great Headlines Instantly! - How To Write Powerful, Attention-Grabbing Headlines That Pull In More Prospects, More Customers And More Profits, NOW! This full-length manual features hundreds of helpful tips, techniques, strategies and hands-on formulas for writing successful headlines of every kind. Visit the author’s site at

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No Smoking (Cigar) Poem

Cigar Smoking

While most of the uninitiated might consider the generic habit of smoking to be one thing, and one thing only, any cigar aficionado will be at great pains to tell you otherwise. While the smoking of cigarettes is something that most teenagers have tried, and increasingly is viewed socially as something a person does because they simply haven't managed to give up yet, cigar smoking is something akin to a hobby, and for many, a passion. While cigarette smoking is something you simple do, the smoking of cigars is done with panache, and like any other skilled pastime, there is a whole sub-culture that participates in it.

Because cigar smoking is undoubtedly a skilled art - as any common cigarette smoker can tell you after making the leap from what might be considered the waif of the smoking world, the paltry and ten-a-penny cigarette, to the voluptuous and charismatic cigar. Cigars have a depth that delves into all five senses, and a flavor that is completely unexpected by those familiar only with cigarettes. The novice cigar smoker will be nauseous and headachy for days! But apparently this is a barrier that is worth working through - you only have to mention cigars to an aficionado to hear them wax lyrical on the wonders of cigars.

Like fine wine, there is a wealth of different types of cigar available whose differences seem incomprehensibly subtle to the disinterested. It is a brave relative or friend who attempts an unguided shopping trip to purchase cigars for a loved one, as the variations available are overwhelming. And, because of the enthusiasm with which cigar lovers love their cigars, the wrong choice can cause a family rift that might linger for years.

Thankfully, the popularity of cigar smoking means that there are a variety of resources available to help, from magazines to websites, whether you are looking to purchase a gift, or simply pretend to be more knowledgeable when next in the company of a cigar smoker. Just remember - don't ask him if he would like a cigarette.

Written by Jeff Lakie, founder of and websites providing information on Cigars.

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Hair Style Serenade

Men's Facial Hair Styling

Yes, that’s right. There’s actually some styling involved in men’s facial hair styles. It’s not enough just to let nature take its course. So if you’re thinking of growing a moustache or beard, or even a soul spot, you want to read this brief guide for some quick tips on creating and maintaining your facial hair style.

Moustaches and beards have seen an increase in popularity in the last several years. While you won’t see a lot of goatees these days, you will see a great number of soul spots, small patches of hair in the center of the chin. Oh, and the ZZ Top beard is definitely out - though you have to wonder why it was ever “in” in the first place.

Men’s facial hair styles come in a wide variety. Choosing the best facial hair style is actually more than just letting the hair on your upper lip grow out. And there are several things to consider before deciding on a facial hair style. Some things to consider are:

* Length of your mouth
* Size of your nose
* Fullness and size of your upper lip area
* Thickness of facial hair
* Texture of facial hair
* Color of facial hair
* Shape of jaw and chin lines

These things are important because, for example, you can grow a moustache to help balance a large, round face. You can disguise a soft jawline with a beard. You can also round out a square face or pointy chin with a beard. Facial hair is a great way to camouflage a wide variety of flaws, including acne scars. To help you decide what facial hair style is best for you, consult your hair stylist or barber. They’re great resources and can be a big help.

Having facial hair does take time and effort. First you have to grow out the hair and endure the scruffy look for a while. Then you’ll have to shape and maintain your facial hair style with regular trimming. How often you have to trim depends on how fast your hair grows. Hair tends to grow a little faster in the winter, so be prepared to do your trimming more often. You’ll want to invest in a good, high-quality trimmer for your moustache, beard, goatee or soul spot. You can also use a comb and scissors, but trimmers are generally a little faster.

Be prepared for your facial hair to grow in different directions. This means, especially if you have a beard, that you will most likely need to use a combination of trimmer and scissors techniques for facial hair maintenance. You may want to plan for quick trims with the trimmers during the week, with a longer session on a weekend morning for full trimming.

If you find you have bare patches in your moustache or beard, you can blend the hair using the trimmers blending attachment. You can also use colored eyebrow pencils that match the color of your facial hair to fill in any blank spots. Just be sure to use a waterproof pencil so that it doesn’t run if you get sweaty during a work out. You can find eyebrow or facial hair colored pencils at beauty supply stores or online hair supply websites.

To make facial hair style work It’s also very important to take care of every other grooming aspect as well. Your skin care, hair styling and your entire picture. You can find more helpful information about grooming at

With so many celebrities sporting moustaches, beards, goatees and soul spots, facial hair has never been more popular. Just don’t grow your moustache or beard thinking you won’t have to care for it. Facial hair does take time and care. You will even want to shampoo and condition it to keep it looking it’s best, but it’s well worth the admiring looks you get, now, isn’t it?

Written by Bilal Babic, co-founder of Applicable Fashion Advice eMagazine for Men. Visit NOW to Download FREE Report that converts You from fashion faux pas to Master of style.

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Sunglasses Opus

Men's Sunglass Trends

Some trends come and go. Others stick around for a while. And some become a part of our cultural landscape. When considering a pair of sunglasses that are right for you, ignore the trends and ignore the hype. The right sunglasses for you, aren’t necessarily right for the next fellow. And vice versa. You get it.

Let’s explore some of the classic styles for men. Aviator inspired shades have been a popular style of glasses for men for generations. In recent times, they have become more of a fashion accessory than a practical item. But nonetheless, these glasses are as slick as they are functional. They come is various shapes, tints, and sizes and there is certainly a pair out there for you.

Aviators are a definitely a safe bet in men’s sunglasses. Another style that has made a comeback in recent times is the big-and-bold sunglasses. You know the ones. Think Big! These glasses could even be considered the offspring of the Aviators, just bigger and bolder! With the resurgence of everything 70’s, these glasses epitomize the extravagance and excitement of the time.

As they say, everything old is new again! Another style of sunglasses that is still popular is the wrap-around style. This style has been around for a quite a few years now, popularized by all your favorite rock stars and movie stars. Again, these are available in many shapes and colors.

For a better idea of what you are shopping for, trip down to your local sunglass shop and have a look around. Here are some guidelines to help in your quest for the perfect sunglasses. For those of you with oval shaped faces, most any style will suit you. Rectangular frames are ideal for those with round faces, and oval or round frames are best for those with square shaped faces.

But sunglasses are not just about style. Try to find a balance of style and function. You will also want to have lenses with good UV protection. And consider some form of lens protection for scratch resistance. What are you looking at?

Author, Nick Albert fancies himself as a fashion enthusiast. Known for his chic style and daring color use, Nick also works as a freelance writer for several fashion websites, including – a site that features information on all the latest Oakley sunglasses, Armani sunglasses, Versace Sunglasses and more.

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Penis Enlargement Verse

What Are Penis Enlargement Exercises?

Natural penis enlargement exercises are a way to add permanent thickness and length to the penis. It is through these exercises that the penis becomes able to fill with more blood than before.

Natural enlargement exercise programs include a warm up, jelq session plus other exercises, and cool down routine. Penile exercises are an effective way to add permanent growth in a few months of regular practice.

How penis enlargement exercises work

The basic idea behind penis exercises is that your penis is currently limited in size. Your erections can only get so big because your penis can only fill with so much blood.

The penis has 2 large chambers, called the corpora cavernosa, which are made up of a spongy tissue. During an erection, this region of the penis fills with blood. To make erections happen, these tissues soak up the blood flowing into the penis. Exercises train these tissues to let more blood in, and this is what makes bigger erections possible.

Exercise techniques

A workout routine is made up of a basic exercise known as the jelq. It is a slow and rhythmic, light outward pull movement on the penis. Doing such manual exercises opens up more areas of the spongy penis tissue. This will allow the penis to fill with more blood.

There are many variations to the jelq and other exercises in any given program. The best way to move through an exercise program is to start with a short, few minute workout, and work your way to a longer one.

While adding size may be the main reason for starting an exercise program, a valuable technique used in many programs involves exercises targeting the PC muscle. This muscle needs to be toned and kept in shape to improve orgasms and ejaculations.

Exercises compared to other methods

Exercises can lead to more positive effects than that found with the use of weights or pumps. Where weights stretch the penis into a thin hot dog shape, exercises can expand both the girth (thickness) and the length.

The results from pumps can be good but they are only temporary. Some guys found other problems with pumps such as swelling, scarring, and dependence on the pump for any erection at all.

Newer methods of penis enlargement that include an exercise program are not painful and add permanent growth to the size of the penis.

Written by Michael Dunn. is a trusted resource on natural penis enlargement with articles, advice, answers, and honest product reviews.

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Smell Ode

Cologne Secrets

Here are two secrets many people don't know: 1. Women are a more attracted to smell than most men realize. 2. A person's sense of smell is one of the longest lasting memories we have. You may forget a face or a name, but you'll remember a smell for much, much longer. So finding a good Cologne is very important, especially if you are guy in the "dating scene."

How cologne is made

Cologne developers create their signature brands from nine scents, which are called "notes." Every cologne is made up of some combination of the following (which are listed from the lightest scents to the heaviest scents):

Citrus - very bright and light
Leather - very heavy and thick.

Polo Sport, for example, is primarily a dominant floral note while English Leather is a dominant leather note. Your father's Brut is a musk/powder combination.

How to buy cologne that is right for you

All too often, cologne is selected based on price, the shape of the bottle, and how it smells. But when you're shopping for cologne, you need to remember that your sense of smell can only detect three distinct smells before it gets overwhelmed and starts to report inaccurately to your brain.

Instead, you can shop for cologne much more easily: by pictures. Check out the advertising and see what kind of niche the cologne is marketing to: is it the rugged outdoorsman as advertised in an outdoor lifestyle magazine? Is it the active sports-lover in a magazine about basketball? Is it the suave urbane male in a men's fashion magazine? Cologne companies will market their brands to the type of person it is designed for. So if you are "going for a certain look," the marketing department of the cologne companies can help you select the right scent for you.

Just remember, it is not you that is going to be reacting to its smell. It's that beautiful woman who you want to enjoy it and with smell closely linked to memory, you want her to remember you for a long, long time!

Jeff Lakie is the founder of and http://www.designer-fragrances.infowebsites providing information on Cologne.

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