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Federal Loan Consolidation Ode

Federal Loan Consolidation for Medical Students

By the time you graduate you will most likely have at least $200,000.00 in student loan debt. After interest is added you could be paying a total of over $500,000.00, so it is extremely important to make sure you are getting the best deal possible with your loan consolidation. You will probably have both federal and private loans but for this article we will be dealing with only your federal loans.

Loan forgiveness –

The first thing to look into is if you will be eligible for any loan forgiveness, you don’t want to lose your eligibility by not knowing what is required. In general you have to practice in a facility that serves low income people for a number of years but the conditions do vary by state. Check with your state’s department of education for the specific rules.

With Stafford loans it doesn’t matter if you’ve consolidated the loans or not, they can be forgiven either way. With Perkins loans you lose any chance of forgiveness if you consolidate them so you should check into it before deciding to add them to a consolidation.

The National Health Service Corps offers loan forgiveness programs for physicians who agree to serve a certain number of years in areas that lack adequate medical care. Many hospitals and private care facilities offer loan repayment as an employment incentive for medical personnel.

Deferral and forbearance –

When you graduate and go into your residency or fellowship your loans will be switched to repayment status and you will have to make payment arrangements. Since most students in residency or fellowships do not make that much money they want put off making their payments. All federal loans come with the benefit of three years of forbearance and three years of deferral. In deferral the government pays the interest on the subsidized portion of your loans, in forbearance you are responsible for all of the interest. You must qualify for deferral, some fellowships qualify but since residency is considered employment the only option there is if you can show an economic hardship. In general your loan payments must exceed 20% of your disposable income to qualify for economic hardship.

One of the benefits to consolidation is your deferral and forbearance time is renewed. This can be important to a medical student looking at a long residency, in that case you would want to wait to consolidate until you have used all of your deferral time so you can have three more years of it. It is important to remember that you are gathering interest during this time on all but the subsidized portion of any loans in deferral, the costs can really add up. Most lenders will allow you to make payments as you can during deferral and forbearance, if you think you will be able to offset your costs by paying anything during this time make sure your lender will accept payments when you are considering a consolidation company.

Capitalizing interest –

When choosing a consolidation company ask how often they capitalize interest during your deferral or forbearance period. A company that capitalizes quarterly will cost you more in the long run than a company that capitalizes yearly.

A student loan consolidation can save you thousands of dollars in interest but you must choose your company wisely. Ask questions before you decide who to consolidate with. Know how much you will be paying in total.

Federal Education Services is a company that specializes in federal student loan consolidation, Stafford loan origination, PLUS and Graduate PLUS loan origination and as a resource for students with questions regarding educational financing. For any questions regarding this article please contact Federal Education Services. A friendly loan specialist can be reached at (877) 222-4727 or you can find us on the web at

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Student Loan Consolidation Poem

Student Loan Repayment Simplified with NextStudent’s Federal Consolidation

Are you getting ready to graduate? Well, along with college graduation comes the much-dreaded student loan repayment. If you were lucky enough to qualify for subsidized student loans, the government has been paying the interest on your student loans through school; if you had to take out unsubsidized student loans, your interest has been accruing. Either way, six months after graduation your grace period ends and it is time for you to begin repaying your student loans.

NextStudent, a leading Phoenix-based education funding company, recommends that you start shopping around for student loan consolidation loans as soon as possible. Student loan consolidation ( is a great way to manage your monthly student loan payments. Not only will you lock into one loan at one fixed interest rate, it also is possible to reduce monthly payments by up to 60 percent and eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple payments to different lenders.

Do Your Research before Selecting a Student Loan Consolidation Lender

Frequently, college financial aid offices offer students a list of Preferred Lenders for all of their financial needs, from Stafford loans to student loan consolidation loans. However, students are not required to work with the lenders on those lists and instead should shop for a company that best suits their needs.

Just like every student is different, every lending company has its own character, ethical standards and quality controls. Borrowers should be selective and choose their lender carefully, making sure to consider and compare the reputation and integrity of the company, level of customer service provided, and the individual student loan consolidation ( incentives offered.

NextStudent’s LOCKED Discount

The federal government sets the base interest rate on all student loans (, including student loan consolidation. The only true differences the consolidation loan lenders provide are the incentives offered by each company. For example, in an effort to extend significant savings to borrowers, NextStudent offers a 1 percent LOCKED interest rate discount after 36 consecutive on-time payments, which borrowers retain for the life of their student loan, while other lenders may revoke their benefits for a single late payment. NextStudent also is committed to providing outstanding customer service and the best incentives in the industry.

Some of NextStudent’s Federal Consolidation Loan Benefit Packages:

Package #1
• 1 percent LOCKED interest rate reduction after 36 on-time payments
• .25 percent interest rate discount for Auto-Debit payments

Package #2
• 2 percent interest rate reduction after 36 on-time payments (not locked)
• .25 percent interest rate discount for Auto-Debit payments

NextStudent believes that getting an education is the best investment you can make, and it is dedicated to helping you pursue your education dreams by making college funding simple. Learn more about Student Loans, Private Student Loans ( and Student Loan Consolidation at

Jeff Mictabor is an enthusiast on the topic of student loan issues in the news. He has been writing for the past 10 years for a variety of education publications. He now offers his writing services on a freelance basis.

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International Student Loans Serenade

Plan a Bright Future ahead with International Student Loans

Education is described as a liberating force and is mandatory for all. But, escalating cost of education is creating hindrance in the way of success for many of the students. Many of the students have opted employment as a means to cope with this shortcoming. But, even this is not possible for all. At such crucial point of time, international student loans can be put to use. These loans are easy to apply for and quick to avail. But, you need to be completely aware of every minute detail of international student loans before taking up one. Here, you can find every inch fact about international student loans, so that you can make most of these loans and reach new heights in your career.

The international student loans are most easy to avail due to bendable terms attached to it. The lenders have a softer attitude towards students for they do not have any source of employment to rely upon. This is one of the reasons why the international student loans are offered at nominal rates of interest. There is absolutely no processing fee attached to it.

The credit history of the co- signer does play a crucial role and can fetch you ostensible deals, as well. The loan amount is transferred directly to the college or school. International student loans cover up a wide array of your expenses like tuition fees, living expenses, hostel fees, computer expense, books and many more.

Your responsibility is to ascertain your need in advance and borrow up to that limit only. For the repayment of the loan amount of international student loans, you will be granted enough time. It is after you have completed your studies and taken up some employment. The most likeable feature of international student loans is that it is not limited to any place. Students from abroad can also avail the benefits of international student loans. With online processing, the entire procedure is much more accessible to all.

Julia Russell works as an executive in financial department for Get Student Loans. She has a lot of experience in finance field. To gain more information about student loans, international student loans, private student loans, college student loans, student refinance loans visit

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Mobile Phone Networks Opus

Understanding The Operation Of Mobile Phone Networks

Mobile phones have become as commonplace as pocket radios. There is no where you will go without finding someone with the palm tucked close to the ear receiving or making a call.

Mobile services differ greatly from the traditional telephony service in many respects. Here, we try to look at how cellular phones phones operate and how calls are made and received.

The first thing you will have to understand about mobile technology is mobile phones are essentially radios. All communication – to an from the device – travel along radio lines and is bound by radio transmission rules we see in the old Motorola two way radio systems. The only difference is that cellular phones are able to apply computer concepts such as advanced networking and sophiscated programming into their functions and that is how we come by SMS text messages, conferencing, call waiting features and calendar systems.

The second concept is that of cells. There is no single block of network but rather a city may be divided into several cells and a call from one cellular device to the other keeps hoping along the cells till it gets to the destined number. The advantage of the cell system, is that it allows for frequency reuse, meaning several users can use the same small cell and permits the company to use the same frequency over and over again without locking resources to one phone call only. Typically, one cell covers about 26 square kilometers and each one has a base station which is just a tower and some radio equipment to manage the signals.

Of late, cell phone technologies are laden with computer applications. SMS and WAP access are for example typical computer applications that have found their way into cellular functionality. SMS operates like the traditional email system and is controlled by a server just like we have a network server. WAP dwells more on computer programming and is also controlled by a WAP server. When you send a text message, it travels over the cellular network and is stored in a server and delivered to the recipient. The reason why it is purely a computer network facility and independent of the cellular service is that even whilst receiving calls SMS messages can come through.

WAP is purely an internet driven service integrated into cellular networks to enhance experience normally reserved for internet surfers. Examples of these facilities are downloads and information services like flight schedules and weather updates which are obtained from cellular operators via handsets.

As mobile users grow in sophiscation, so does the technology that drives the device. Each new day we shall see what we call convergence technology whereby other fields of communication shall be gradually fused into mobile operations to give customers enhanced experience.

Peter Lenkefi, For more more information about mobile phone network please visit

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Diet and Exercise Living Well Verse

Brain Research Shows That Diet and Exercise are Keys to Living Well

An old adage says that aging is a state of mind, but new research is beginning to prove it.

As brain research advances, experts are finding that some of the physical and mental changes normally associated with aging may not actually be normal at all, but instead, the result of treatable and preventable health conditions. In fact, by some estimates, only 30 percent of physical aging can be traced to our genes. The rest is up to each individual.

According to the AARP Andrus Foundation, developing and maintaining good "cognitive health" is as important to a person's quality of life at any age as maintaining good physical health. A series of four new booklets, "Staying Sharp: Current Advances in Brain Research," provides information and tips based on this new research. The booklets were derived from a series of public forums that were conducted in partnership with the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, and featured the country's foremost researchers, scientists and physicians working in the field of aging and the brain. These four booklets provide some of the most up-to-date information available.

One of the key findings of this new research is that diet and exercise are crucial not just for physical well being, but also for mental acuity at any age.

The Importance of Diet

The food choices we make throughout our lives can make a difference in the likelihood for many diseases that cause premature death or disability, including heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. Three long-term studies being conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health have followed 300,000 people and suggest that:
- a diet rich in vegetables may help prevent breast and prostate cancer
- colon cancer is more common among those who eat more red meat
high-fat diets increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers
- a diet with too many refined carbohydrates increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Although there are some nutritional changes associated with aging, for the most part, what was considered a healthy diet at 40 will still be a healthy diet at 60 or 70. Health experts recommend a diet that emphasizes whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other tips:
- Drink eight to 10 cups of fluid every day, and make at least five of those water. Limit caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.
Reduce the amount of saturated fat in your diet and replace it with monounsaturated fat such as that in olive, canola, sunflower, safflower and soybean oils.
- When snacking, choose fruits, vegetables or whole-grain products.
- Make eating fun by sharing dinnertime with family and friends, or joining community functions whenever possible.

The Benefits of Exercise

Many experts believe that regular exercise is the single most important thing anyone can do to improve overall health and well-being. New studies show that aerobic activity increases levels of brain chemicals that encourage the growth of nerve cells, which may be the reason moderately strenuous exercise is associated with enhanced memory skills.

Some ways that exercise can help retain mental capacity include:
- reducing anxiety and stress
- improving mood and possibly alleviating depression
- improving sleep
- increasing energy levels
- slowing the rate of bone loss
- enabling the body to use insulin more efficiently
- improving cardiovascular health
- controlling weight and preventing obesity

The National Institute of Aging suggests incorporating four types of exercises into your life. Endurance exercise, such as walking, helps increase stamina. Strength exercise, with free weights or resistance weights, increases metabolism and may help prevent osteoporosis. Flexibility exercise, such as stretching or yoga, prevents and aids recovery from injuries. And balance exercises, such as standing on one foot, help prevent falls.

By following these basic tips, as well as any advice from your physician related to any specific health conditions, it is possible to live well in old age as opposed to just living into old age.

The AARP Andrus Foundation's "Staying Sharp" series can be downloaded from the association's Web site at Each booklet covers a specific area: Memory Loss and Aging; Depression; Chronic Health Issues and Quality of Life. The booklets also are available by mail from AARP Fulfillment, 601 E Street NW, Washington, DC 20049, or by phone at 800-424-3410 and ask for series D17561 to get the booklets in English or D17461 to get the booklets in Spanish.

Courtesy ARA Content,

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Salt Habit Ode

Changing Your Salt Habit Starts at the Grocery Store

Many medical experts would agree that being worth your weight in salt in today's society is not quite as valuable as it may have been at one time. In fact, researchers and doctors across the world have found that a diet high in sodium contributes to a number of health risks, including high blood pressure.

This is not breaking news to many Americans, especially those already at a high risk of heart disease, stroke and certain kinds of cancers. The number of Americans at a high risk for high blood pressure alone has grown to nearly 50 million. It also may not come as a surprise to the many people whose doctors have continuously recommended a low-sodium diet in an attempt to decrease these and other health conditions. But this may be harder than simply removing the salt shaker from the dinner table.

Over 70 percent of a person's salt intake is derived from processed foods, so skipping that sprinkling of salt at dinner is not a sufficient way to cut the salt in your diet. Using salt substitutes or alternatives like NoSalt is an easy way to add flavor to your food without the sodium. Another way to prevent sodium from entering your kitchen and your body is to keep your eyes open at the food source itself, the grocery store.

Following these grocery shopping tips can help reduce the salt in you and your family's diet:

Always Read the Label

Salt is a substance with many different names. So even if you make the extra effort to read food labels and search for the amount of salt in the product, it can be difficult to determine. The following list contains a few of salt's aliases: sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, sodium benzoate, monosodium glutamate (MSG), sodium nitrate and disodium. Other products with a large sodium content include hydrolyzed vegetable protein, soy sauce, miso and brine.

Interpreting the Labels

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is making an effort to create public awareness of the amount of salt in store products. "By appropriately labeling, we are attempting to inform the public and those who want to keep their sodium intake down as to the amount of sodium they are consuming," says Ida Yoder, a chemist with the FDA's over-the-counter drug products division.

But some salt descriptors are not so cut and dry. Use the flowing list as a guideline to help determine the approximate number of milligrams of salt in a product:
- Sodium free - Contains less than 5 mg of sodium per serving
- Very low sodium - 35 mg or less per serving
- Low Sodium - 140 mg or less per serving
- Reduced Sodium - Contains at least 25 percent less sodium than the original product
- Without added salt - No salt is added during processing to a product which would normally have salt added
- No salt added - Unsalted

Fresh is Best

Avoid processed foods in the grocery store and head directly to the fresh fruit and vegetable aisle instead. Rather than adding salt to these fresh food items while cooking, use unsalted butter or salt alternatives. Many salt substitutes, such as NoSalt, are sodium-free but taste like the real thing. "By incorporating salt substitutes and other spices into your cooking, you can still add flavor to food while skipping the sodium," says Janet Andreas, a Home Economist with Reckitt Benckiser. She also recommends using a variety of spice substitutes as salt alternatives like Seasoned NoSalt.

If you do buy canned vegetables, rinsing them in water for one minute can reduce their sodium content by 40 percent. Also, it is important to resist the temptation of fast food, which also usually has a high salt content.

While making these tips habits on your trips to the grocery store can help reduce your sodium intake, health professionals recommend an even larger, overall change in diet. One diet that specifically addresses the issue of hypertension is the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH), a diet formulated by clinicians and researchers at Harvard University.

The DASH diet is based on increased servings of fruits and vegetables and the inclusion of low fat dairy products, lean meats, poultry and fish. The diet provides the right amount of fiber, adequate vitamins and antioxidants while limiting sodium and fat intake.

Consulting with your physician is the best and safest ways to address high blood pressure and the treatment of other health concerns. But by taking the initiative to start eating a healthier diet, you begin taking responsibility for your own health and well-being.

Reckitt Benckiser, the makers of NoSalt, has published a brochure on how to manage sodium intake and live an overall healthier lifestyle. To receive a free booklet entitled "Changing for Life," call toll free at 1-800-841-1256.

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Bionic Hearing Opus

Welcome to the Age of Bionic Hearing!

Better. Stronger. Faster. That was the promise made by those fictional techno-doctors who used their imaginary electronic wizardry to reconstruct Jaime Sommers' character into The Bionic Woman. Fiction back in the 1970s -- today, a reality. Many of the body's functions that have been either damaged or lost can be restored with technology so advanced, it would make even those fictional doctors green with envy.

For those who are baby boomers, we have two things in common. First, we probably all remember that television show! Second, we have spent the better part of our lives unwittingly destroying our hearing. Noise exposure in today's society has risen to such an intense and pervasive level that significant and permanent hearing loss by late-middle age is the rule, not the exception. Without The Bionic Woman's doctors to outfit us with a supersensitive bionic ear, what are we to do?

The only solution available to most Americans with hearing damage is hearing aids. However, this alternative is not without criticism. In fact, the main disadvantage of conventional hearing aids comes from the fact that they typically make every noise louder. Therefore, a car honking, a jet on takeoff, even a concert recording, all become unbearable to an individual wearing traditional hearing instruments. No wonder so many people fitted with these aids leave them in a dresser drawer! However, hearing-health leader GN ReSound has developed an answer to this issue.

GN ReSound has been in the business of creating hearing-health solutions for more than 50 years. Its latest advancement, based on extensive research with traditional hearing aids and its own efforts to digitize sound, has resulted in the Canta7 (pronounced Cn-ta) product line. Featuring "3D Digital" Technology, this innovation digitally reconstructs sound. What does that mean? Bottom line -- its smart technology knows the difference between noise and speech. With this new system, noises are not amplified, and speech is clarified. Big difference.

Hearing loss has reached epidemic proportions, with more than 28 million in the United States alone who cannot distinguish words such as fork, torque and short -- it's the initial consonants of "f," "t" and "s" that throw them off. In addition, the number of younger people facing damage is steadily increasing, raising the concerns of those in the hearing health care industry and government health organizations. So if you missed out on the "protect your hearing" message, you're now faced with the message "correct your hearing." And to do that, the bionic opportunities have never been better.

That's where GN ReSound's exclusive advancement -- 3D Digital Technology -- comes into the picture. Today, with the incorporation of digital technology and the use of micro-miniature computer processors, hearing-impaired patients can be fitted with sophisticated hearing instruments. They analyze incoming sounds; isolate and actually suppress the noise; digitally reconstruct speech to make it recognizable to the impaired ear; and virtually eliminate that awful, high-pitched squeal of feedback often associated with basic-level hearing aids.

"I've been in the hearing health care field for many years and seen constant innovations and upgrades to hearing aids," said audiologist Dr. Jim McDonald, past president of a national audiology organization. "However, this latest innovation is truly revolutionary in how it will increase patients' speech understanding -- and ultimately their satisfaction with hearing instruments as a solution to their loss."

The world of bionic hearing truly has arrived. And in today's world of excessive noise exposure and its associated increase in permanent hearing damage, these technological advancements have arrived just in time to make a difference in the lives of millions of Americans with hearing loss.

For more information on societal noise exposure, effective use of ear protection, or the advantages of 3D Digital Technology, please contact GN ReSound at 800-248-4327.

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Avoid Student Loan Bankruptcy Poem

Avoid The Problem Of Student Loan Bankruptcy

College is supposed to be an exciting time for young adults, but is can also be a very stressful time too for many reasons. Of course there are academic and social pressure, but an important part of attending college is being able to pay for it, thus college students often face the problem of student loan bankruptcy.

About Student Loan Bankruptcy

While many young adults try to get college scholarships to lessen the chances of student loan bankruptcy, the reality is that scholarships often only cover a small percentage of the costs. The costs not only include the courses, but also living expenses, whether they live on or off campus. This is, of course, unless it is a full-tuition scholarship.

However, student loan bankruptcy is becoming more common, because more and more people are trying to get into selective, expensive schools. Their reasoning is that if they get into these expensive colleges, they will be able to get more prestigious jobs, and thus be able to pay off their loans.

This might work well for those who are going into popular career fields, but the reality is that one can never be too certain, and as a result student loan bankruptcy occurs. However, young adults can avoid student loan bankruptcy in a variety of ways.

First of all, parents should start a college fund for their children from a very young age. Adding just a little bit of money per week or month can really add up and lower costs. Also, when the child comes of age to begin working, while money can go towards buying things it can also be saved towards college.

Student loan bankruptcy can also occur if the person who took the loan out in the first place did not thoroughly read all of the stipulations behind that loan. It can also occur if they were unable to pay the loan payments on the required basis.

Thus, the best way to avoid student loan bankruptcy is to choose a college that is more within reach budget-wise. If a person really wants to attend a college, another option is to attend only as a part-time student, as that will lower costs considerably. However, it will take longer to complete the degree. While the college might not be as expensive, it can still provide a valuable education, and one that can be afforded.

Simon Peters is the owner of, it is THE best source for advice on the subject on bankruptcy, nothing to sell, just information.

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Refinance Your Student Loans Serenade

Refinance Your Student Loans

If you’ve recently graduated from college, you’ve probably been bombarded with mailings and advertisements urging you to refinance (or consolidate) your student loans right away. But wait, what is loan consolidation? And why should you do it?

If you’ve just graduated from college, you’ve probably got a number of different student loans, all in different amounts from different lenders at different interest rates. Loan consolidators (which can be private banks, lenders or government agencies) pay off all your individual loans in exchange for a single loan in the same amount issued to you. So now instead of all those different loans, you’ve got one loan that you repay to the consolidator.

Refinancing your student loans reduces your monthly payments and locks in a fixed interest rate. In most cases, student loans have variable interest rates set a few points below prime. As interest rates go up, so will the interest rate on your loans. When you refinance your loans, you lock in an interest rate based on the current market conditions that will be set for the life of your loan. Therefore, it’s important to evaluate the market before making the decision to consolidate. Right now, interest rates are low, but they’re going up and most economists predict that they’ll continue to go up for awhile. So for many people, this is a good time to refinance.

Your credit history will also determine your eligibility for loan consolidation programs. Loan consolidators can be picky in who they accept for their programs, so the option to refinance is usually only available to individuals who have established good credit by paying their loans back on time. If you’ve missed payments or made payments consistently late, you may not be offered the best terms, if you’re accepted at all. If your application is denied the first time, call the consolidator and talk to a loan officer about the reason for your rejection. The officer may offer you advice on how to qualify for their program at a later date.

If you decide to refinance, be sure to consolidate federal loans and private loans separately from each other. When you consolidate your loans, you’re typically offered a rate that’s 1-2% lower than the average rate of your loans. Federal student loans often carry much lower interest rates than private loans, so consolidating them together can bring up the average interest rate of your loans and leave you with a higher fixed rate locked in. If you only have one private loan, it may not make a difference, but it’s important to assess your options before committing to refinance.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t consolidate? Let’s look at a scenario. Tracy has 2 loans for $5,000 each that are scheduled to be paid off within 5 years. She can afford to make her monthly payments but wants to see if she can save a little extra cash each month by consolidating. She finds out that she can refinance the loans into a $10,000 consolidation loan to lower her monthly payments and she’ll be eligible to extend her payments over 8 years. But because she’s extended the life of her loans, she’ll be paying interest over a longer period of time and may wind up paying more overall than if she had kept her loans as they were.

It is tempting to pay less per month but if you can afford to pay off your loans in a shorter period of time, then you’ll likely save money on interest in the long run. Obviously every situation is different and you won’t find all your answers in a short article like this. But if you think loan consolidation might be right for you, check out the Student Loan Network’s site at for more information or speak with a loan officer or financial planner to see what your options are.

This article was published by Sarah Russell on Smart Young Money – a collection of money management resources for teens and young adults. For great information on using credit, managing debt and more for young people, visit

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Mobile Phones Wallpapers And Logos Verse

Getting Wallpapers And Logos For Your Mobile Phones

The concept of mobile phone wallpaper is the same as that of a PC.

They are backgrounds, usually graphical, that appear on the phone when the handset is switched on. On some phones, wallpapers can double as screensavers that appear after some inactivity on the phone.

Wallpapers are fun to implement as it is one of the features of a mobile phone that you can customize to suit your preference. Many people use pictures taken with the phone’s own camera, downloaded images or graphics sent via SMS to them.

Wallpapers were created as an extra incentive for buyers to patronize phones in the face of competition in the industry. It is one of the areas of converging technology where computer application are gradually being merged into mobile phone applications. Phone manufacturers added wallpapers to their phone features to serve as incentive for buyers who would like to see their phones featuring their favorite PC wallpapers. These innovations have the aim of producing innovative features to their buyers so that the mobile phone use becomes more fun and interactive.

No matter the brand of your phone, be it Nokia, Motorola, Siemens Panasonic, Alcatel, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Philips, Sagem, Sharp or Toshiba ther are many kinds of wallpapers to suit any kind of handset.

Your phone may come with a preset wallpaper or non at all. Setting up or changing the wallpaper is no hassle at all and the menu interface is there to guide you through the process. If your phone does not have interesting wallpapers, you can download some from the web if your phone supports it. It is however of importance to note that wallpapers would normally work with color screens.

Like ringtone, you can download wallpapers from the web using either a cable transfer, WAP server or SMS service.

If you are zealous about wallpapers you may have to consider screen resolution and sizes. Before downloading the wallpaper ensure that your screen resolution can support the wallpaper graphics. High resolution graphics especially pictures can occupy a large amount of space and therefore requires increase in memory if you would want to obtain them. Aside that, the screen size may not be compatible with the graphic you are downloading.

Now let’s search the web for some free wallpapers. features colorful wallpapers which several phone sets can support. Each page displays about 15 pictures and together there are about 15 genres to select from.

Wallpapers add vitality to mobile phones especially with handsets that can use them as screen savers. Remember they can be customized from your stored digital pictures if you want to be constantly reminded of a favorite scene anytime you make a call.

Peter Lenkefi, For more more information about mobile phone wallpapers and logos please visit

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Free Ringtones Ode

Free Ringtones For Your Cell Phone

The internet is laden with free things and ringtones are not excluded from this list. You only need a browser to get tons of free ringtones for any make of phone you have.

Typically, you only need to visit one of the hundreds of sites offering ringtones and help yourself to dozens of download available. Though some sites may charge a token fee, many of them offer their services for free because most of the tunes they use are no longer under copyright. Even when tunes have been under copyright, rintgone crazy webmasters have managed to seek licenses to produce tones out of them free for fans.

If you locate a site, the next step is to get the ringtone into your phone memory so you can select it as a ringer. There are several ways to get the tones into your phone: You can use a data cable to transfer the files into your phone, transfer through the net by SMS or manually type the keys on your phone to get the sound.

A more sophicated technology is to use infra red technology like bluetooth to load the sound onto your phone.

Though SMS is supposed to carry text messages primarily, enhanced versions can carry ringtones or sound files to your phone.

Another method that involves a third party is to select a ringtone and the have it texted to you after offering your phone number.

A cell phone with melody composer will allow you to compose tones yourself by manually pressing the keys in sequence to the notes of the tone. In this case, the site will show you the notes equivalent on your keypad and you only have to keep pressing the sequence to generate the tone you want. After typing, you save onto your phone and make it available for use.

Of growing popularity in ringtones are mp3 rintgones which are actual music converted to ringtones. With this system, the voice recorder of the phone can be used to record any sound such as voice or actual music and then stored as a ringtone. Infact this method has enabled many exotic and sometimes latest pop music to be used as ringtones due to its ease of application.

Now some sites offering free ringtones. has a well-laid out site with tones in several formats including key press sequence. It Features pop music and classical tines. has an overwhelming volume of free ringtones in WAP, midi and key press sequence formats. It has an easy to use interface which suits beginners.

Ringtones help individuals to express their personalities and uniqueness. With midi and mp3 formats available, any sound at all – including one;s own voice, can be easily converted to a ringtone in a matter of seconds.

Peter Lenkefi, For more more information about free cell phone ringtones please visit

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Summer Fire Safety Poem

Tips For The Whole Family To Practice Summer Fire Safety

- Teach children the nature of fire - It is FAST, HOT and DANGEROUS!
- Prepare a home escape plan. Practice fire drills regularly
- Teach your children the fire department's phone number or 911
- Always keep matches and lighters away from children. Store them up high or in a locked cabinet and treat them like you would any other dangerous weapon
- Demonstrate STOP, DROP and ROLL in case clothes catch on fire
- Make sure your child is supervised at all times, especially around outdoor grills, campfires and fireworks. Most fires are started by children when the child is left alone
- Never light fireworks indoors or near dry grass and never barbecue in an enclosed area
- Build campfires where they will not spread, away from dry grass and leaves and downwind from tent - try to keep them small
- Never leave campfires, fireworks or outdoor grills unattended
- Make sure you have smoke alarms on every floor and use long-lasting batteries, such as new Advanced Performance Duracell® CopperTop® batteries, for safety all summer long

To learn more about summer fire safety, join Duracell Canada and the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (CAFC) for the Duracell Fire Safety Drive. Starting in June, parents are encouraged to bring their children to participating retail outlets to learn more about the dangers of fire and how to adopt a new and improved fire safety and escape plan for their homes. Visit for details about an event near you.

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Safe Cottage Life Serenade

Preparing For Safe Cottage Life

Cottage living is home away from home to Canadians and life at the cottage boasts campfires, fireworks and hearty eating. In fact, Canadians love their cottages and feel more at home there than anywhere else, according to a 1998 Royal Bank survey.

But as with primary homes, cottages require regular upkeep to protect against hazards, and fire safety is especially a key issue at the cottage. However, owners taking a few simple precautions will go a long way in protecting their family and cottage.

According to the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (CAFC), first and foremost, it is extremely important that owners maintain fuse boxes, heaters, wiring, stove and other possible heat sources as they would in their primary homes. Test smoke alarms and ensure long-lasting batteries, such as new Advanced Performance Duracell® CopperTop® batteries, are used for protection all summer long.

Fire pits and campfires should be built where the fire will not spread, away from dry grass and leaves and low-hanging trees. Never leave open fires unattended, including barbecues, and supervise kids at all times. Watch out for flying sparks that could set fire to areas close to the cottage and be especially cautious with fireworks around kids.

Around the exterior of the cottage, a basic precaution is to keep grass cut and raked. Dry grass and debris can also collect under open porches, decks and floors, so it is important to keep these areas covered. In addition, stack firewood well away from the cottage.

Keep other highly-flammable objects, like fibreglass boats and canoes, away from the cottage and store them upside down, one meter above ground, either on a clearing or a rock.

By taking these simple precautions, cottage owners will go a long way to ensuring they don't lose their homes away from home to fire.

To learn more about summer fire safety, join Duracell Canada and the CAFC for the Duracell Fire Safety Drive. Starting in June, parents are encouraged to bring their children to participating retail outlets to learn more about the dangers of fire and how to adopt a new and improved fire safety and escape plan for their homes. Visit for details about an event near you.

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Girls Birthday Party Themes Opus

Birthday Party Themes That Put Little Girls Centre Stage

The mere thought of planning a birthday party fit for a princess can cause parents to panic - but there's no need to stress because with the proper theme, your little girl's party can be a huge success.

According to, kid's parties have evolved significantly over the years, and are getting more original everyday. Long gone are the days when the party was held in the backyard, and the guests feasted on hotdogs, homemade chocolate cake and ice cream, followed by a few rounds of pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs.

Now, outside venues like restaurants, theatres and theme parks are all the rage, and colourful birthday cakes in the shape of popular characters such as Barney are every kid's expectation.

Party themes have become increasingly elaborate too, and play a more central role in kids' birthdays. To take the stress out of selecting a theme, suggests that you should use your child's interests as a guide and take advantage of their imagination to help give them a party they won't forget.

One theme that is always popular with little girls is Barbie. Parents across Canada can make it easy on themselves by having a Barbie Birthday Popcorn Party at their local Famous Players theatre. A full birthday package with a Barbie twist, the birthday girl receives Barbie-themed invitations to send out to her friends, and the large party includes Barbie decorations, Barbie loot bags, and a personalized Barbie cake.

"We're pleased to provide parents with an option that makes picking a birthday party theme that much easier," says Erica Van Kamp, Marketing Manager, Girls Brands, Mattel Canada Inc. "We've worked with Famous Players to create two totally Barbie-themed birthday packages that every little girl will love. For more information call 1-888-3-FAMOUS."

If you're having trouble picking a theme that will delight your little girl and her friends, there are several online resources that offer advice. Websites such as and provide various theme ideas and suggestions from parents on how to select and create party themes that meet your needs and make your child feel special.

Check out to get great theme ideas, such as these:
- Dress-up Party - Pick up some nail polish, hair accessories, makeup, and dress-up clothes. Then, provide each girl with her own individual makeover followed by a photo shoot.
- Princess Party - Make your little girl feel like royalty - decorate her throne with pastel streamers and balloons, give her a tiara, let the guests make their own wands and then serve a Princess Castle Cake.
- Tea Party - Have everyone dress up and pretend to be grownups while pouring and sipping tea. Set up tables in the backyard with flowered tablecloths and matching tea set, and let each guest decorate their own teacup.
- Stargazing Party - Pitch some tents for a backyard sleepover, borrow or rent a telescope, and purchase a star map from your local hobby shop.

Whether you're planning a party in the backyard, or at a venue outside of the home, save yourself time and eliminate most of the typical birthday party frustration by picking a simple theme that meets your budget and expectations.

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