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Online Bingo Verse

Online Bingo Software

Online bingo software powers bingo games across the web. This software comes in two different forms: download bingo and non-download bingo.

The online bingo software for download bingo games needs to be installed from the players chosen site. The installation for this can be a fairly lengthy process, but once it has been installed the player can begin playing games straight from their hard drive. The disadvantage of download bingo is that it is time consuming to download and it takes up valuable disk space on player’s computers once the online bingo software has been installed. These games can also take a fairly lengthy time to open, and as the game is not played live, players may find that the game loses some of the action and effect.

Non-download or Flash bingo games use online bingo software that allows players to play online games without having to download the software. The game is played live, which means that the game is automatically loaded when it opened from the bingo game site. Game time is faster and smoother as games are played in real-time. Flash games also feature high quality graphics that add to the player’s experience. Starting to play Flash online bingo software games is as simple as signing up at the players chosen bingo site.

It is easy to identify which games use which type of online bingo software. All new players need to do is look on the site to see if the game is played using Flash or downloaded online bingo software. There is generally a link or button to this effect at the bottom of the bingo site.

All that new players need do then is decide if they would prefer to play download or Flash games using the online bingo software of their choice.

Mary Weber has been an online bingo fanatic for over 7 years. Though she has played other forms of online gambling, Mary has always stated that bingo is her true passion. Her internet bingo related publications are filled with interesting and useful online bingo tips. Her many articles she has written can be found at:

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Bingo Cruise Ode

Bingo Cruise

If you feel like you need to get away from it all, but you can’t imagine missing out on your chance to play bingo, then going on a bingo cruise would be your ideal vacation.

There is so much more to going on a bingo cruise than just playing bingo however. These cruises give you a full luxury cruise ship experience that includes meals, entertainment, ports of call and of course, fun. All of this is centered around bingo, from tournaments to smaller games and the chance to win guaranteed cash prizes in the region of up to $80,000. It’s simply a matter of finding the best cruise option for your requirements and contacting the cruise organizers to make a booking.

Currently, the one of the best bingo cruises available is run through Carnival Legend. They have a World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise that offers fast paced bingo action in a high quality luxury environment. The cruise is an 8 day adventure, with ports of call in Central America. Stops include Panama, Costa Rica and Belize. Daily activities on offer range from shopping trips in the two-level promenade that boasts a number of shops and clubs, lounging around the on deck pool, casino activities and fine dining at the liners deluxe dining establishments. Night time activities include a reservation only supper club, a wide variety of entertainment shows at the Follies Lounge, and dancing the night away at the Legend Dance Club. Bingo holds the spotlight each day, with the World Bingo Championships dominating the day’s activities and excitement.

World Championship Bingo has guaranteed cash prizes worth $80,000.00. This also includes a final blackout game that has a cash payout of $10,000.00. State-of-the-art bingo equipment is provided by Arrow International. Passengers can also look forward to the popular Symphony of Slots and Blackjack Tournaments that are held on board.

Aside from all the bingo action, and the deluxe cruise experience, going on a cruise holds loads of opportunities for the bingo enthusiasts. Players get to meet new people, travel to exotic destinations, experience the thrill of traveling across the ocean and of course each day brings new adventures and fun. This is the kind of vacation that one will remember for years after the event. We all need some adventure in our lives, and going on a cruise is by far one of the most thrilling things that one can do!

Mary Weber has been an online bingo fanatic for over 7 years. Though she has played other forms of online gambling, Mary has always stated that bingo is her true passion. Her internet bingo related publications are filled with interesting and useful online bingo tips. Her many articles she has written can be found at:

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Caribbean Cruise Poem

It Is Smoke Free In This Paradise : Take A Caribbean Cruise With Fellow Non-Smokers

Would a "smoke-free casino" be an oxymoron?

Until recently, I might have bet good money on that, considering it's a pretty rare occasion when one can enjoy a cocktail in a smoke-free bar, nightclub or lounge - let alone in a casino where all around the world gambling and nicotine just naturally go together. But here's the exception:

A policy of "no cigarettes, no cigars, no ashtrays, and no second-hand smoke anywhere" is at the core of the cruise experience aboard the MS Paradise - and it's a policy that is unusual indeed.

The US$300 million Paradise is the only, totally non-smoking cruise ship in the world and upholding the integrity of this claim is a challenge taken very seriously by parent company Carnival Cruise Lines. Not even the construction crews in the shipyards of Helsinki were allowed to smoke when working on the vessel - and now every week, its 2,052 passengers are asked to sign an agreement to abide by the rules, even on the open decks.

Traditionally, cruise ships have not had too much difficulty containing the areas where passengers can smoke. If you choose any of the mainstream American-based cruise lines for example, chances are you will not encounter second-hand smoke until evening in some of the clubs and at some of bars. Restaurants are generally smoke-free and cruise advocates will tell you that the ratio of non-smoking areas has been increasing with every new ship. But for those who would like to go just one step further, it's good to know that out there, cruising the Caribbean every day is a grand, luxury vessel which may be four years old now, but she still looks, feels, and smells, brand new.

This season, passengers have the choice of exploring either the Eastern, or the Western Caribbean on itineraries that include some of the more exotic tropical harbours like Belize and Honduras. And for a glimpse at shipboard tone and style: imagine the atmosphere aboard Paradise to be similar to most Carnival cruises, one of cheerful, attentive service - in a plentiful fantasyland.

The trademark decor of this cruise line is one that creates a larger-than-life playground for adults and children alike. You enter Paradise, for example, through an illuminated, sky-high atrium surrounded by grand columns and Space Age glass-elevator pods, enhanced by classical stone and mahogany fixtures. Interior designer Joe Farcus pinpoints the "grand era of ocean liners" as this vessel's overall fantasy theme, emphasizing the impact of The Queen Mary, The Normandie, and the SS United States on the late 19th century, world of style.

At least 12 decks are configured into the 70,000-gross-ton Paradise with the top deck tiered to attract activities in the sun. Here, the Lido Deck draws everyone sooner or later. It is where you will spread out in a full-length deck chair, swim in the pool, relax in the whirlpool, partake in sports interests, or spend all afternoon on a Carnival specialty: the giant waterslide. The recreation decks on Paradise stretch the entire length of the ship, so you may even find a few private places to call your own.

These upper decks also house the ship's mammoth, 12,000-square-foot exercise club and spa. The "bigger the better" was the consensus of the passengers I spoke to up there, with one saying that when the cruise line devotes this much space and effort to building a fitness facility, "it sends a clear and sincere message that improving one's health and wellness can be a very real part of a cruise experience."

They also pointed out that the more inviting the space to exercise, the more you get to eat - because it's true what they say: on a cruise ship you can literally eat all day. On Paradise the choices are: 24-hour complimentary room service; dining room table service; a pool deck buffet, three times a day; the cake and coffee bar; plus round-the-clock deli sandwiches, a pizzeria, and of course, the midnight buffet.

Then again, for most of us food quantity will not be the main attraction. Rather, it will be the food "experiences" that really count - and that is precisely why Carnival and most of the better cruise lines these days are so preoccupied with adding and subtracting dining options, so they can be sure, for every last passenger, they get it right.

More Information:
Research the details of your cruise at, or ask your travel agent for this season's latest brochures.

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Common Site Ideas Serenade

Some Useful Common Site Ideas

In my web surfing adventures, I've found a few site elements which make surfing easier and more enjoyable. There are no concrete, hard- and-fast rules to follow - these are just observations of some things which I virtually always look for in a site.

So without further ado, here is my list.

- I often look for a way to contact the webmaster. I may want to tell him something about his site (privately), propose a link exchange or just drop him a line. I feel an email link or a link to a form is something to expect to find on every single page. If you are running a commercial site this is essential - your customers want to be able to tell or ask you things and if you want their business you had better make it easy for them.
- I like guestbooks. When I run into a site that I find enjoyable, I want to tell the webmaster. Give him or her a compliment - I think it's a good exchange. The webmaster worked hard and provided something that was entertaining, informative or useful. It's nice to let him know in return. So please put a link to the guestbook on every page.
- A good navigational system is very important. A menu of some kind, with a link back to the home page, needs to be on every page of the site. Sometimes this may consist of a simple "previous" and "next", but please always add a "home" link in this case. If I've surfed a ways on your site, I want to be able to get back to the index quickly without using the "back" button.
- Nothing makes me leave a site faster than finding one of those silly little "right click" scripts which attempts to disable the right-click functions. Not only do these not work, but they are rude and violate some of the primary tenets of the internet - free, sharing, and community. Also, you are modifying my browser controls - which is not a nice thing to do. If you display something on your page I guarantee you that it can be taken, no matter how many scripts or functions you install.
- Speaking of browser control - don't modify my screen size, buttons, menus, cursors or anything else that my browser does. You want me to leave fast - resize my browser to fit the whole screen and remove the menu. I will be out of your site in a second!\
- Whether your site is personal or professional, tell me a little about yourself, your wife, your kids, and your pets. I find it much easier to like someone and be receptive to their message if I know something about them. Just a quick page with a few paragraphs is fine. If you are going to ask me to fill out a form, please let me know how you are going to use the information. You want my address? Why? Phone number? What do you need that for? More importantly, how safe is this information?
- I know many people like to put banner exchanges on their sites, but please keep it to a minimum. First, banner exchanges don't work very well. Second, they make the pages load slowly. And third, if there is more than one or two banners on a page it's pretty tacky. If you are going to insist on putting background music on your site, please give me an obvious way to turn it off.
- Please don't expect me to go searching through your whole page for a little dot hyperlink. I've found sites which bury the link to the next page in the strangest places - in someone's eye, for example. Normally, I am just going to leave instead of trying to find out how to navigate.

Well, that's a start. I hope these ideas are of some value and help you make a better, more friendly site.

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets. This website includes over 1,000 free articles to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge. Web Site Address:

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Concise Writing Verse

Be Concise

Concision. (Sounds like I made up another word.) It's the idea of being concise in our ongoing communication with others, both written and oral.

Many take forever to say so little. These are the same people who spend a lot of time in meetings. Some who may have little to say use lots of words to say what could be said in a few words. It is boring. It wastes time. It reduces productivity. Theirs and yours.

I do not suggest that all of our communications ought to be reduced to one or two words. There ought to be time in the workplace for idle chat. It leads to relationship building and a better quality of life. However, it is sometimes more productive to simply say "blah" rather than "blah, blah, blah".

As a practical matter, it is becoming more and more important to be concise as we drown in this era of information overload. We get more information impressions in one day than our great-grandparents 100 years ago got in a lifetime. Think about it. 100 years ago, you may have looked a seed catalog, a shared newspaper, and an occasional book, if you owned one. Today, we have information coming at us from all directions.

The average working businessperson receives, on average, 150 new communications each day via telephone, voicemail, mail, fax, and email. When email became available a few years ago, it was supposed to take the place of a lot of other communications, including first class mail. The truth is, all other forms of communication have held their volume (or even increased) and we now have email to deal with on top of it all.

Want to be more concise in your communications and save time? Here are two suggestions.

1. Think before you communicate. Before you make that call or meet with someone, think out what you how hope to accomplish. A lot of extended, unnecessary communication is in search of a purpose of the communication in the first place. When you know what you are trying to accomplish, when you achieve, it is over and you can move on.

2. Practice. When you write an email to someone, look it over before you send it. See if you can say what you need to say in fewer words. I use this technique in a communications class I teach for MBA students. I ask them to write a five-page paper. They submit it, I return it, and ask they re-write the paper in four pages, but cover all the essential points from the five page paper. They later re-write the same paper as a three, two, and one page paper. Each must contain all that was covered in the original five-page work. It's a tough assignment but with practice, they get better at saying more with fewer words. You can too. If you write something, re-write it several times, each time making it shorter than the previous attempt. The more you practice, the better you'll get.

Dr. Donald E. Wetmore, Professional Speaker, Productivity Institute, Time Management Seminars. Visit Our Time Management Supersite:

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Better Writing Ode


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Tips For Better Writing

It is certainly true that we don't get a second chance to make a first impression. As the impression we make on the Internet is almost always with the written word, is it unfortunate that there is so much poor writing bouncing around in cyberspace. The following tips are intended to help you make a better first impression.

Speaking of first impressions, I don't want to present myself as "the Final Authority". Dave Barry readers know that would be "Mr. Language Person". I'm just a guy who's been writing marketing and training materials for a couple of decades and I've picked up a few things. If they are of value to you, I'm glad I could help.

1. Know your audience. Who are you trying to reach and what is the best approach to accomplish your goal? Should you be informal, strictly business or something else?

2. Plan what you want to say before you type the first word. Make a few notes. You will stay on message better and present a more readable piece.

3. No matter how extensive your vocabulary, resist the impulse to dazzle your readers. You may impress some but you'll lose many more. Common, everyday words work just fine - that's how they became common.

4. Avoid jargon whenever possible. Yes, almost every undertaking has its own language, just write at the level most appropriate for the vast majority of your readers. If in doubt, see 3. above.

5. Syntax (sentence structure) matters. When I hear something like, "Me 'n' John went to..." it's like fingernails down the chalkboard! People who speak that way probably write the same way, I figure. If your word processor has a grammar checker, use it - the spell checker won't help in this kind of situation.
The other person always comes first, so it is "John and I went to...". The trick for determining whether to use I or me is to drop the other person and say it. I doubt you'd say "Me went to...". Right?

6. Short sentences are more powerful than long ones. They are easier to read and hold the reader better. It might just be two words: Janet smiled. Depending on what preceded it, those two little words could be very powerful indeed. Think how important this sentence can be: I do.

7. If you're writing ads and you'd like them to stand out, avoid using the same approach "everyone else" is using. Look at how many ads use some variation of "Make $16 Million Before Lunch!!!!!!!!!" and then do something else for yours. Nobody really buys that stuff anyway, do they? Use your imagination.

8. Some words simply cannot be modified, so don't. Among these,for example, are unique and pregnant. Nothing can be "very unique" because unique means something of which there is only one. And a woman is either pregnant or she isn't. She cannot be "somewhat pregnant".

9. Punctuation is critically important. If you don't think so, study the following sentence. It can be punctuated to create opposite meanings: Woman without her man is nothing.
I think the most grossly overused punctuation mark is the exclamation point! There is a school of semi-thought that seems to have concluded that a thing is more important, or exciting, or urgent if multiple exclamation points are used, as in: Buy NOW!!!!!! Actually, it just means the writer doesn't know much about punctuation.

10. Use comparative suffixes (-er, -ier, -est) rather than "more". The weather is getting cooler, not "more cool". She is happier, not "more happy".
Enjoy your writing, it can be a real adventure!

Kent Butler has been in marketing and sales since just after the discovery of dirt. He has written a great variety of things, from sales letters to screenplays. If this piece was helpful to you, he's happy. You are cordially invited to explore his Internet Resouce Center at

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