Monday, November 19, 2007

Self Publish Serenade

A New Way To Self Publish

More and more good authors are turning to the Internet to self publish. There are several reasons for that. All of them are probably well known to every writer by now, so we'll not go into them here. What we'll talk about here is a new way to self publish.

Everyone has, by now, heard of ebooks. This is a wonderful way to publish on the net, but it requires special programs to empliment it. And there are web sites that will do all that for you for a fee. But what if you simply can't afford it or you don't want to pay anyone?

This idea I've come up with may be out there in left field, but out in left field is where you usually find some great ideas. Here is what I found.

Create a credit card account somewhere first. Pick any company you are comfortable with and doesn't cost a great deal. After that is all set, put your novel on your web site, create its own page, and use the ariel font. Use size 10 for the main text. Your title and chapter headings can be larger.

Write an intro page for your novel and create a separate page for it. Here is where you'll put any illustrations you may have. So people will have an example of your writing, copy and paste the first chapter of your novel and put it here, too. Also on this page will be the link to your credit card payment company.

The next step is to set up your credit card account to connect with the novel page after your customers have paid for it and then they can simply print out the novel or copy and paste it to their Word or Works program that is already on their computers.

This is a simple and yet effective way to self publish and it does not cost you anything, either. Out in left field, I know, but hey. Anything to survive, huh?

Anna Kathryn Bir is a published author of many sci fi short stories. One of them was a Star Trek story. You can find her sci fi novels on her web site

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Money Savvy Opus

Money Savvy 101

Life is full of transitions, from high school to university, from first job to the next. Each of these changes brings with it a financial 'first': How much will it cost to go to college or university? What are my rights when I lease an apartment? Can I afford a car? Do I need insurance? What kind of financial services should I have? Where should I invest my money?

Until now it has not been easy to get objective answers to all of these questions in one place. Now you can visit Consumer Connection's Web site at that has been created by Industry Canada's Office of Consumer Affairs. It has been creatively produced to give Canadian consumers great information without sacrificing a fun and interactive setting.

Money Savvy 101 is a product that provides answers to all your personal finance questions. The answers are simple and straightforward, containing in-depth information, entertaining animation and links to other great Web sites. Money Savvy 101 allows consumers to see how much things actually cost, how to deal with landlords that are giving you a hard time, and all other types of questions or situations.

Consumer Connection ( is an award-winning Web site. It provides rapid access to consumer information, powerful tools to cut research time, and many useful links to consumer and other organizations. Canadians can access Consumer Connection from home, the public library, community access points or from Government of Canada, provincial and territorial service outlets. For a variety of information on everything from bank fees, to privacy rights, to the latest scams or frauds, this is the place to go.

News Canada provides a wide selection of current, ready-to-use copyright free news stories and ideas for Television, Print, Radio, and the Web.

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