Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bingo Cruise Ode

Bingo Cruise

If you feel like you need to get away from it all, but you can’t imagine missing out on your chance to play bingo, then going on a bingo cruise would be your ideal vacation.

There is so much more to going on a bingo cruise than just playing bingo however. These cruises give you a full luxury cruise ship experience that includes meals, entertainment, ports of call and of course, fun. All of this is centered around bingo, from tournaments to smaller games and the chance to win guaranteed cash prizes in the region of up to $80,000. It’s simply a matter of finding the best cruise option for your requirements and contacting the cruise organizers to make a booking.

Currently, the one of the best bingo cruises available is run through Carnival Legend. They have a World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise that offers fast paced bingo action in a high quality luxury environment. The cruise is an 8 day adventure, with ports of call in Central America. Stops include Panama, Costa Rica and Belize. Daily activities on offer range from shopping trips in the two-level promenade that boasts a number of shops and clubs, lounging around the on deck pool, casino activities and fine dining at the liners deluxe dining establishments. Night time activities include a reservation only supper club, a wide variety of entertainment shows at the Follies Lounge, and dancing the night away at the Legend Dance Club. Bingo holds the spotlight each day, with the World Bingo Championships dominating the day’s activities and excitement.

World Championship Bingo has guaranteed cash prizes worth $80,000.00. This also includes a final blackout game that has a cash payout of $10,000.00. State-of-the-art bingo equipment is provided by Arrow International. Passengers can also look forward to the popular Symphony of Slots and Blackjack Tournaments that are held on board.

Aside from all the bingo action, and the deluxe cruise experience, going on a cruise holds loads of opportunities for the bingo enthusiasts. Players get to meet new people, travel to exotic destinations, experience the thrill of traveling across the ocean and of course each day brings new adventures and fun. This is the kind of vacation that one will remember for years after the event. We all need some adventure in our lives, and going on a cruise is by far one of the most thrilling things that one can do!

Mary Weber has been an online bingo fanatic for over 7 years. Though she has played other forms of online gambling, Mary has always stated that bingo is her true passion. Her internet bingo related publications are filled with interesting and useful online bingo tips. Her many articles she has written can be found at:

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