Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nice Parental Verse

The Curse Reversed

Oh, that awful parental curse!

At one time or another in a moment of desperation nearly every parent has spewed these venomous words upon their offspring:


I'd always sworn I'd never say it but I can't lie. I did it too. I hang my head in shame whenI think of that horrible day 10 years ago when I wished the worst upon my 12 year old son. At the time I was truly puzzled by his folded arms, smirky grin, and ice cold stare. What was he thinking? Did he not understand the implications of this monstrous bequeathal?

Many years have gone by since that fateful day and I've finally come to realize the meaning of his "yeah, right back at ya Mom" attitude.

He's now grown up and enjoying the single life without a care in the world. Without a child to turn his blonde locks to grey. Perhaps someday he'll inherit the curse, but for now he watches poor old Mom punished daily for her maternal impropriety.

And though this brat tempts me daily, lest I be sentenced to reproduce again and suffer my own curse well into my retirement years, I'll bite my tongue and never, no NEVER say those awful words to his little brother.

Author, Karen Denning, is a stay at home wife and mother of 4. Please visit her website http://www.4momsathome.com.

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