Thursday, December 20, 2007

Windows Decorating Opus

Decorating Tips: How To Make Windows The Focal Point Of Your Decor

Windows are such an important part of any room, that it's amazing the number of times we ignore their many possibilities for creating or complementing a room's entire mood and theme. They are the source of light, air and sunshine, which are direct and integral sources of our feelings of comfort. Therefore, the task of how to dress them should become a focal point.

Even if the windows themselves are not attractive, some sort of treatment on them (if only to disguise them) will change their appearance, but even more importantly will beautify the entire room. In this way, windows can greatly influence a room. They can be the focal point of an entire scheme in which you build the room around them because of a fabulous view, or just because the window itself is impressive.

Alternatively, you may choose to let them blend into the overall theme, because a piece of artwork is of specific interest and so needs to stand out. If you have a small living space or office, you may decide to keep things simple and neutral to maximize the room's dimensions.

Sometimes, however, even this rule must be ignored, because you may want to maximize the feeling of intimacy within the room.

According to Yasmin Siboldi, Manager Visual Merchandising at Blinds To Go, the country's leading manufacturer and retailer of custom made blinds and shades, it is best to begin, as with all decor choices, thinking of what you need with regards to function.

"Window treatments have so many variations, that they will probably be some of the most challenging, but also the most interesting decisions you will make about the look of your room," Siboldi said.

But finally, she says, the one issue that has no bearing on needs, is simply aesthetics. That is to say the "need" to create a mood, a theme, a way of beautifying the appearance of a room, even if the treatment is unnecessary.

"Once you have determined the mood and theme you want to create for your room, selecting a window treatment can be easy," Siboldi added. "Just remember decorating is supposed to be enjoyable and creative, so there really is no wrong answers. What's important is that you created a look that you are pleased with."

For more home decor and window covering ideas, visit a Blinds To Go superstore (1-800-blinds-7 for store locations) or its Web site at

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