Thursday, December 13, 2007

Let It (Yellow) Snow Verse

Yellow snow never tasted so good,
Your award is on its way.
Although some rain would be like food -
As long as I am here, I will not be away.

Let It Snow

Yellow snow never tasted so good, thanks to the new Hamilton Beach electric Snowman™ Ice Shaver that produces mounds of soft, fluffy snow in seconds for cool snow cones, slushies, tropical drinks, sorbets and more. Unlike crushed ice, the fluffy consistency of shaved ice absorbs the ice flavouring so no puddling will occur at the bottom of the container. Entertaining…produce eye catching ice beds with the Hamilton Beach Snowman™ Ice Shaver for appetizers, shrimp cocktail, salads, fruits, oysters, etc. The Hamilton Beach Snowman™ Ice Shaver produces inexpensive, nutritious, high quality entertaining treats that are enjoyable for all occasions and ages groups.

For tropical flavourings, sample fruity liqueurs such as a yellow banana, bright green melon, orange coloured passion fruit, or, if iced coffee is more your cup, try Irish cream drizzled over shaved ice. Colourful sodas such as grape, lemon-lime, cream soda, orange, etc. are great nonalcoholic choices. For vitamin packed alternatives, flavourings such as frozen unsweetened fruit juice, fruit or yogurt provide a nutritious base for tropical drinks, sorbets, or snow cones. Many cultures for centuries have enjoyed snow treats. Generally sweet, snow treats can alternatively be seasoned with chopped herbs, nuts and spices for a nice accompaniment to an entrйe. Or, if you need to cleanse your palate between courses, a sorbet does the trick.

Overcome by the heat of summer, need something to quench your thirst, having a pool party or you simply crave a light tasting dessert, a snow treat is the answer. Simply place the electric ice shaver on the countertop; place a bowl, cup or other container onto base platform to hold shaved ice; place ice cubes/pucks into ice chamber; push the child-friendly oversized on/off button to start shaving process; scoop ice shavings into paper cups, glasses or bowls; pour flavourings on top of snow.

Whether you lick it, eat it with a spoon or slowly sip your frozen treat, you can't help but forget summer's heat. With its easy cleanup, portable size, and safety features, the Hamilton Beach Snowman™ Ice Shaver is a great addition to your existing barware/ kitchen appliances. The Hamilton Beach Snowman™ Ice Shaver will be available in leading retail outlets starting early June. Suggested retail price of the Snowman™ Ice Shaver is approximately $39.99.

For more information on the Hamilton Beach Snowman™ Ice Shaver, or other innovative Hamilton Beach products, visit the Hamilton Beach Website at

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