Thursday, November 01, 2007

Common Boating Questions Opus

Which type of boat is right for me?
The souls of men go tumbling down, fumbling down.
Everything seems just cool as can be -
The awful swelling going frown...

Common Boating Questions – Part 1

Which type of boat is right for me?

For most buyers, general purpose craft which serve as fish, ski and picnic boats are ideal; for others needing something specialized, a wide selection is offered in most markets.

How big a boat will I need?

Size is a function of who will be on board and where it will be used. Options range from 12-ft. dinghies to power and sail yachts. If it is a question of two to four-feet in size, buy more if your budget allows. This will keep you in the boat longer.

What about power needs?

What will it cost?

Most newcomers are surprised that, with financing, boats can be paid for in monthly installments and often cost less than they think. Pre-owned boats often cost one-half of similar new models.

What is the best time of year to buy?

The best time of year to buy is when you are ready. Boat shows provide great opportunities to find "show specials." However, specials only work if you have done some homework and identified the right type of boat for your needs. There are good deals on boats throughout the year.

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