Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Perfect Wallpaper Pattern Poem

Finding the Perfect Wallpaper Pattern May be as Close as Your Computer Screen

Technology can do wonderful things. If you surf the Internet, you can find the right wallpaper pattern for your decorating project -- fast. You may want to browse through floral patterns or you may have a pattern in your imagination and want to know if it exists and if so, where do you get it?

Historically, you would have gone to a wallpaper store (or many!), browsed through dealer sample books and, with any luck found a suitable pattern after a time-consuming search.

Today, allows you to select a subject or category from a database of more than 43,000 wallpaper designs and quickly find patterns to match your interest.

After locating the appropriate pattern, The Wallpaper Guide Web site points the way to local retail stores that carry the product you desire. Or, you can place an order online for direct delivery.

"The benefit for consumers is they can buy from a huge selection of wallcoverings from leading manufacturers in the privacy of their homes, at any hour of the day," states Mark Langman, president of The Wallpaper Guide. "Because time is at a premium these days, they can save hours of research and driving time and the whole decorating process becomes efficient and enjoyable. At the same time, we have now made our Web site interactive so shoppers can select and vote on their favorite patterns with the possibility of winning a roomful of wallpaper, "says Langman.

In addition to helping consumers locate the right product, the Web site provides information on the latest trends in decorating colors and designs on an Online News section. Images of decorator room sets provide consumers with ideas and links to practical "How to" information, such as "Decorating with Borders" and "How to Hang Wallpaper."

Whether you are looking for wallpaper borders with trailing green ivy for a kitchen corner or ideas for your new home office, head to your computer. For more information, visit

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