Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Online Business DOING Success Serenade

The Secret To Success Is In The **DOING**

One of the unique features about doing business on the net is that you are exposed to unimaginable volumes of information. It can boggle your mind. You can read until you go cross eyed and your head starts to spin. You read because you believe that reading contributes to the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge is supposed to be the all important ingredient to every form of success.

This afternoon I read an article that stated "knowledge is power".

Broad knowledge is a valuable asset but possessing it by itself will do little towards the creation of any specific achievement. Accumulated knowledge does not automatically assure you of success nor does it assure you of experiencing any form of power.

You may have learned how to perform a specific task. You may even confidently admit that you really know the subject, but until you attach action to this knowledge, this knowledge will lie dormant.

Action is what proves how well you really know the subject. Regardless how much knowledge you possessed before you start a project, you will probably discover that additional knowledge may be required to really make your project shine. Knowledge tends to multiply once you take the first steps towards converting information to action.

Action unleashes the power present in the knowledge. Your success depends solely on your ability to bring life to your knowledge. Knowledge plus action equals results, equals power. Success is only achieved if you possess the intestinal fortitude to stick it out long enough to see the true signs of success begin to emerge from the marriage of your knowledge and action.

The secret to success is in the **DOING**!

You have an idea! You can think about a specific project, gather all required information and create a sure fire, workable plan. You can commit to all kinds of fancy goals and then -- decision time. Do you go ahead and jump in with both feet or do you bail out because it looks too hard and risky.

This is where the greatest challenges emerge. Many Internet marketers expect results even before they start doing anything. Many marketers even take the first step but if they do not experience phenomenal success immediately they quit and wonder why this program didn't work. Did they work the program?

The secret to success is in the **DOING AND DOING**.



What do you HAVE TO DO?

You have to do WHATEVER IT TAKES!

You yourself are the sole judge about how much time and effort is required and how much time and effort you are prepared to exert to ensure that your project flourishes.

You may follow the plan of others. Be aware, just because someone else had success or lack of desired success with a specific plan, it does not guarantee your outcome will be the same. You are a unique individual. Your talents, your habits, your character, your energy all play a contributing part in your story. Only you can ultimately write your own story and create your own outcome. Whatever the outcome is, it is an experience that was worth having. You either learned HOW TO DO something or HOW NOT TO DO something.

This does not mean that the assistance you receive from others is of little value. On the contrary, the length of your learning curve can often be influenced by the support and the knowledge obtained from others. However, the final buck still stops with you. It is your decisions that determine your involvement, your learning curve and ultimately your success. Even if you follow someone else's plan, the buck stops here!

All this sounds so simple and inconsequential and yet this simple lesson is the single reason the SINGLE SOLITARY REASON why so few people really succeed to achieve their dreams.

Most people are 'UNWILLING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES, FOR HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES' to realize their dreams!

Few people fail, many people quit, most people don't even try!

The secret to success is in the DOING! JUST DO IT!!

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