Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Affiliate Program Poem

How To Choose An Affiliate Program To Join

All the internet users related to the netmarketing are often faced with this topic.

There is in fact a huge number of websites that offer affiliate or reseller programs. Which mean rather the same thing, but not exactly. For example it is right to distinguish amongst the two definitions when you join programs that require no payments by you.

How can you find the right programs to join and to profit from amongst all the ones that exist in the Digital Jungle ( )? And where?

I will try to answer to this questions, or rather to give some advices. But a first thing important to say in my opinion is that contrary to what you can read in all the pages of the reseller websites around the net, selling online is not really like drinking a glass of water. If you know nothing about online marketing.

And a very important and basic rule of online marketing, that is most worth for the newbies, is that not everyone can sell anything to anyone. It is a very, very useful advice. And it is very, very important to keep it in mind when you start.

So you can understand that is better to chose affiliate programs related to a topic that you know well. But then you must find the right program(s) to join and promote. But they are still a lot amongst which to choose.

They all present themselves as the greatest, quickest and easiest magic online money generator. You still have to make your selection, to find the restricted number of programs to dedicate your efforts.

It is important they meet some basic requirements, but not everybody always pay attention to some details:
- it must be possible, and quite easy, to contact them, online and sometimes offline too (yes, it can happen you will need to make a phone call or send a fax)
- they must accept online payments (they exist different forms to allow customers to pay via the web)
- they must have a sophisticated tracking software and show exactly all the sales and commissions earned by the resellers.
- not always the programs that present the most complicated and attractive commissions structure are the best one to join. Around the net there are super algoritmic matrix programs or infinitive levels downlines; not always they are the best programs available.
You know, these are just the first fundamental points I can give you in this newsletter article.

It could be possible to write pages about the problem of the scams that unfortunately exist on different levels all around the net. But it is not an easy subject to study and report.

There are websites dedicated to that subject, and it is probable that I will add some of the best ones I met in the pages of the NHC, together with a more detailed version of this article.

Websites reporting these bad facts are:

A little tip that I desire to give you, that could help indicate you that something is not working perfectly with an online program is this: if you join a program that seems really easy, start to promote it hard and in many ways but find no results for some time you should start to be worried. If you are sent several emails by the manager telling you the program is going so good, and they add also specially thanks to you, but you have no results, you should worry a little more. If the new mails give you full of tools to promote always harder and better the program, you do it for a period with no results, my advice is you should drop that program.

And now some ideas about where to find good programs to join and promote. There are websites that are rich directories of affiliate and reseller programs, or that directly manage them.

Just some that you can check are:
Commission junction
Linkshare Network 2300&subid=0
Or you can find also websites that refer to specific subjects and sectors too.

Very interesting can be to find websites about online marketing, to learn it always better. A good thing is to resell services about this subject, there are plenty.

Ezines and newsletters are another great source in my opinion. Perhaps not all the programs presented in paid ads you can find there, but if you read a very interesting and good article, and at the end it presents a website that offers a reseller program, that could really be a good answer to your search.

Gian Luigi Ruggeri, to find other tips, advices, as well as articles, tools and resources to help your net marketing activity MARKETERS ONLY, The Netmarketers Help Centre

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