Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pros and Cons E-Tickets Opus

E-tickets are a form of ticketing
And they think this is all very tiring...
The fighter bums are wiggling and picketing -
Reality is object that just hiring.

Pros and Cons of E-Tickets

E-tickets are a form of ticketing that ticketmaster and other such primary source ticket sellers have been using for the past three years. E-tickets are an option that is given to original ticket buyers when purchasing tickets. For example, when a person goes to buy concerts, sports, or theatre tickets, he can usually opt to receive these tickets in a number of ways:

1. Hard tickets via standard mail.
2. Hard tickets via shipper( Fed Ex or UPS).
3. Tickets left at Will Call
4. E tickets

If the ticket buyer selects the e-ticket option he will simply receive an email from the ticket seller with an attachment. The attachment can be opened and the tickets will become available for print on any standard printer.

There are several advantages to e-tickets, which include the ability for the tickets to be reprinted. This comes in handy when tickets are lost. Instead of the old method of calling the ticket seller and spending 30 minutes on the phone and providing purchase information, e-tickets provides a hassle free solution. E-tickets are great for the ticket seller as well, in that e-tickets are totally automated which cuts employee costs.E tickets are also excellent for the environment. With e-tickets simply being wired through the internet, there is no need for traportation costs which cuts down on natural resource consumption.

In deed there are many advantages to e-tickets, there are some disadvatages as well.Because these e-tickets can be printed an infinite # of times, the aspect of fraud comes into play.For instance, a person could simply by an e-ticket, make several copies and then sell it over the internet or at the venue several times over. Unsuspecting buyers can no doubt, be scammed. A remedy to any of these unwanted outcomes would be to simply purchase tickets from a ticket broker, where buyers have recourse!

If you have any questions regarding e-tickets or need a second opinion before buying tickets, feel free to contact our office.

Gary Ketchum is the CEO of TicketAmerica which has provided hundreds of thousands of event tickets to satisfied customers since 1998 @ Discover more ticket buying advice!

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